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Center for Arabic Culture Children's Choir and Youth Orchestra


Museum of Fine Arts




465 Huntington Avenue








The Center for Arabic Culture (CAC) Children's Choir and Youth Orchestra present "The Moon Shines On Us," a concert of folkloric and contemporary Arab songs presented by Arab-American children and youth accompanied by their instructors.

The CAC Children's Choir, under the direction of Alma Richeh, was established on in March 2014. It is the first Arab-American children choir in Massachusetts. The choir introduces children 6-14 years old to Arab and Middle Eastern music, language and culture through folkloric, contemporary and modern Arab songs.

The Choir goals are to:

Introduce Arab and Middle Eastern music to American society at large.Encourage children and teenagers from all backgrounds to join irrespective of speaking Arabic.Present concerts around Massachusetts and beyond to spread the word about the rich Arabic musical heritage.

The CAC Youth Orchestra, under the direction of Layth Sidiq, was established in September 2018. It welcomes youth and children to learn about the traditions of Arab music in an ensemble format. An orchestra is a community, a gathering of like-minded individuals with the aim of making music together as well as reinforcing the shared human values that make us a better society. In the CAC Youth Orchestra, students benefit from studying traditional instruments with some of the best Arab musicians in the country, as well as being part of a dedicated ensemble that will prepare and perform Arab music from its traditional repertoire to its contemporary.

The Choir and Orchestra will be accompanied by their instructors—who are some of the most sought-after musicians in the United States—to bring you a concert of Arab music and songs.

The Center for Arabic Culture is a non-profit organization. Through its mission of Building Bridges and Connecting Cultures, CAC promotes Arabic culture and the Arab-American experience through education and the art. CAC programs and events promote the culture through language and music instruction, concerts, annual cultural month and festival, workshops, monthly cultural club and literary events.

CAC mission is non religious and apolitical welcoming everyone regardless of their background.

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