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American Friends of SESOBEL

(703) 965-8545

127 South Drive


Established in 2006 as a U.S. tax-exempt non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization (EIN 20-2759148), the American Friends of SESOBEL is a support organization for the Lebanese non-profit SESOBEL which is located in the town of Ain el-Rihani, in the Kesrouan Mountain region of Lebanon, northeast of Beirut. The American Friends of SESOBEL's purpose is to provide educational and financial support to SESOBEL-Lebanon, as well as increase public awareness, and promote respect for the disabled.

American Friends of SESOBEL is supported and managed completely by volunteers. The headquarters is located in the Washington, DC area; while various events and fundraising efforts are nation-wide. International transfers to SESOBEL in Lebanon are handled by the American Friends of SESOBEL, via transfers directly to their account in Lebanon with Audi Bank. Immediate and DIRECT ASSISTANCE is therefore provided.

A summary of SESOBEL-Lebanon's most recent annual report and expenditures is available online (see Annual Report in the menu). Hard copies are available by mail, upon request.

Financials, audit reports, tax and origanizational information about the American Friends of SESOBEL are free and easy to view at:  GuideStar promotes transparency and information sharing of non-profit organizations.

American Friends of SESOBEL is committed to complete disclosure and transparency, and complies with U.S. and international regulations. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or if you would like to join our efforts!


We believe that:

  • People are much more than they appear to be— each possessing a mystery that shall only be revealed by acts of faith and trust.

  • Each disabled person is a human being, a child of God.

  • Everyone is entitled to live in dignity and love.

  • All that we have received as Gifts are meant to be used for the support of one another.

  • Obstacles are part of life. It is up to us to overcome them.

  • Life is everlasting; everyone is called to grow and reach their potential.

  • We are called to live as one large family, at the heart of which the weakest have their place.

  • Each of us is dear to God’s heart, and we are all part of His family.

  • God looks at us and says: “You are my beloved children, you are all my joy.”

  • Love’s strength triumphs over death and all its aspects.

This is why we believe that everyone’s life, even when heavily disabled, is worth being lived as a celebration, because Love is enduring and because you are my brother.

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