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American Lebanese Cultural Center

6105 Beverly Hill Street


The ALCC was founded in February 2014 and since then we have obtained local, national, and international recognition for our one of a kind programs and events throughout the year as we work together to showcase the Lebanese culture and heritage. We are based in Houston and strive to convey our message globally.

Our Vision:

  • To represent the members of the ALCC and the American Lebanese community at large.

  • To maintain fellowship and unity of purpose among people of Lebanese descent and advance their social, cultural, and civic life while also promoting the ideas of civic responsibility and community service and integration of the Community Center through its cultural, educational, and charitable activities.

  • To promote appreciation and understanding of Lebanese culture and heritage.

  • To encourage the American Lebanese community to further its education on all levels, including higher education, medical education, and advanced studies in their chosen fields.

  • To provide services to the community at large, whenever feasible, and on a pro bono basis when possible, including educational and medical services, counseling, and family assistance.

  • To promote a stronger bond of friendship between the people of the United States and Lebanon through cultural and social activities.

Our Mission:

  • Organize social events that are cultural and/or intellectual.

  • Provide productive services to members.

  • Promote and fundraise for worthy humane causes.

  • Create a bridge that will connect future generations of Americans with Lebanese descent to their roots.

  • Strengthening our ties with our diverse community to ensure that the ALCC is utilized to its fullest potential.

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