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Network of Arab-American Professionals


In 2001, a group of college students in Washington DC founded NAAP to provide graduating Arab students with a means to continue their community activism and involvement after college.

These recent grads sought to channel their energies into community advancement, while also developing their skills and networks in the professional arena.


NAAP’s 1st National Conference took place in 2003.

More than a decade later, NAAP is one of the fastest growing Arab-American organizations with numerous chapters and local networks developing across the U.S.


To connect, mobilize and empower our people.


It is how we achieve our vision – through the execution of our 5 goals – that helps us appeal to members with varying interests and backgrounds across our community.

Channeling member passions into the implementation of these 5 goals enables members, organization and community to better realize potential:

  1. Promote professional networking and social interaction among Arab-American and Arab professionals in the US and abroad.

  2. Educate both the Arab-American and non-Arab communities about Arab culture, identity, and concerns.

  3. Advance the Arab-American community by empowering, protecting and promoting its political causes and interests in the US and abroad within all levels of society.

  4. Support the Arab student movement in the United States.

  5. Serve society through volunteerism and community service efforts.

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