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Turkish Cultural Center

(617) 779-8222

1105 Commonwealth Avenue




Turkish Cultural Center is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that aims to respond to social and cultural needs of Turkish-Americans and to promote cross-cultural awareness that is based on mutual respect and understanding of the Turkish Culture within Massachusetts by bringing everyone together in an open dialogue.

We, the Turkish Americans, believe that promoting respect and mutual understanding among all cultures and faiths is one of the critical means to create a harmonious environment.

There’s a large community of Turkic Americans living in Massachusetts. To fulfill its mission, our organization partners with other faith-based, civic and social organizations and organizes/sponsors educational and cultural activities. Seminars, lectures, festivals, dinners, art performances, trips are some of these activities through which we seek to interact with members of diverse groups and share and appreciate our common values.


In a modern world where even the farthest point is within an arm’s reach, it is impossible to live anywhere without experiencing diversity. This diversity, rather than a difference is now appreciated by the people who think that we can live in a world where people do have much more in common then separates them. In order for everyone to live peacefully together, it is important for individuals to rise above differences that drive us apart or against each other. Adopting the dialogue and understanding Turkish Cultural Center aims to introduce commonalities and foster friendships between these two nations by setting up platforms where cultures express themselves.

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