Spiritual Haze


482 Park Avenue


(508) 799-0629

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Spiritual Haze is a Hookah Cafe & Smoke Shop, that has a social mission to create a comfortable yet stimulating environment for all customers in a consistent, stress free, and social atmosphere. 

SH was created by four Clark University students for their Entrepreneurship class project, November 8th, 2007.

We hold all types of events, with visual/music artists, non-profits, social-mission driven student groups, charities, local Worcester businesses, and of course having a good time with good people!  Let us know if you want to hold one!

Hookahs constitute a Middle Eastern tradition in which people relax, socialize, and enjoy smoking shisha, or flavored tobacco. Whole tobacco leaves soaked in molasses and honey are then flavored with various fruit and spices, creating a smooth taste and gentle smoke that is filtered through water, juice or milk. 

Hookahs, shisha, and coals are available for retail sale through our store.