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La Luce Pastry Shop

(781) 326-0041

591 High Street

Dedham, MA

La Luce Pastry Shop is a Middle Eastern bakery located in Dedham, Massachusetts. The bakery was founded in 2014 by Elias Saade and has quickly become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. The family-owned business takes pride in their authentic and traditional recipes

Customers rave about the pastries, with one reviewer writing that they are "the best Middle Eastern bakery in Boston area," and another saying that "everything is so delicious, it's impossible to choose just one pastry." Another reviewer noted that the owners are "friendly and welcoming," making for a pleasant overall experience.

La Luce Pastry Shop's menu is filled with a wide variety of sweet and savory pastries, as well as breads, cakes, and other desserts. Popular menu items include the baklava, which is made with layers of phyllo dough and a sweet nut filling, and the knafeh, a traditional Middle Eastern cheese pastry soaked in a sweet syrup. 

La Luce Pastry Shop has a variety of cakes, cookies, and other desserts, including the mafroukeh, a semolina cake topped with pistachios and drizzled with syrup.

Overall, La Luce Pastry Shop offers a delicious and authentic taste of Middle Eastern pastries and baked goods. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service make for a pleasant experience, and the variety of menu items ensures something for everyone to enjoy.

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