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Aceituna Grill

(617) 752-0707

605 West Kendal Street


If you didn't already know, Aceituna [ah•say•tuna] is the word many in the Mediterranean use to call their beloved Olive.


Our menu is authentic, approachable, healthy, and naturally delicious. And like the simple olive, all our food is scratch-made using simple ingredients and traditional recipes straight from the Mediterranean.

At the core of our offering is the SHAWARMA, a method of slowly cooking deliciously marinated meats on a rotating vertical grill.

This slow-cooked method drains away the fat but allows the meat to stay tender and warm until it is hand-carved to order, which means you'll never find our meat sitting in a steam table container.

Unlike some gyro or doner meat, the chicken breast, beef, and lamb we use at Aceituna is the REAL, unadulterated stuff and absolutely never processed. And because of its versatility, it's great on a bed of rice, atop one of our tasty salads, or the traditional way in a pita roll-up.

We also take immense pride in our authentic MEDITERRANEAN SALADS.

Our salads are full of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, parsley, onions, garlic, fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil, and other zesty, savory seasonings.

We always start with fresh vegetables and herbs, chopped right here in our kitchen and mixed to create salads that celebrate the best flavors of the Mediterranean. That's not to mention our falafel, hummus — both made with chickpeas that never come out of a can — and other delectable traditional favorites made right here in our kitchen.

The BENEFITS of a Mediterranean diet have been widely documented and are no secret. We here at Aceituna Grill believe we have crafted a healthy, mouthwatering menu you can enjoy multiple times a week while, giving you the opportunity to experiment, try new things, and always feel great about the food you just put into your body.

Healthy eating should still be DELICIOUS and AFFORDABLE, and we do our best to bring that to you in a hospitable environment, with all the convenience of an efficient dine-in or take-out experience.

We hope we've convinced you to stop in and enjoy a little taste from a part of the world we love so much!

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