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Al Wadi

(617) 325-3254

1249 VFW Parkway

West Roxbury



Al Wadi pronounced (al wah-dee) means valley or gully that is often dry, but may have an intermittent stream.



There are many wadis in the world, however one of the more famous Wadis, is "Wadi al Arayeesh" (valley of grape vines. Located in the Bekaa Valleys of Lebanon.) "Wadi al Arayeesh" is renowned for its amazing views and famousrestaurants that border a crisp and smooth stream underneath the comfot of endless grapevines. Hundreds of thousands of tourists, diners, residents and wine aficionados visit "Wadi al Arayeesh" every summer to experience one of Lebanon's finest experiences.

Al Wadi Boston: Al Wadi invites all those seeking an exquisite experience to lounge in our mellow musical moods and enjoy our traditional food infused with a twist of mountain passion in every dish. Al Wadi is the blend of old and new, of pure tradition and modern comforts: an innovative concept of an upscale Lebanese dining restaurant. Al Wadi combines the fine tastes of select foods and combines with the atmosphere and ambiance of Beirut. Allow our chefs to captivate your taste palettes with the freshest ingredients and finest authentic recipes.

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