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(781) 762-8998

1068 Washington Street


"Authentic, Fresh, Fine Dining"


Maurice Daaboul and family’s Byblos is the Boston area’s premier eatery since 1996 for authentic, homemade Lebanese cuisine. Located in the heart of Norwood, Massachusetts, Byblos offers all the best features of Lebanese dining, including a large hall where feasts are laid out in traditional Lebanese Maza style to the tune of live Arabic music and oriental belly dancing. At Byblos we pride ourselves on bringing freshness, authenticity and service to our valued customers.

Byblos got its name from an ancient Phoenician port city in Lebanon where part of our family resided. In 2002, in order to better serve our valued customers, Byblos relocated from its small, popular eatery to its current location in central Norwood.

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