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(781) 648-5888

669 Massachusetts Ave


When you walk into Pasha, you feel you’ve stumbled into the cozy dining room of the Sultan himself. Ottomanesque fabric hangs from the rafters, warm wooden tables are already filling up, and an antique samovar graces the well-stocked bar. Here, from our kitchens, a cornucopia of dishes will emerge like magic, and for a few hours you will feel as pampered as royalty. Pasha’s art lies in its mastery of centuries-old cooking techniques from the Mediterranean world, one of the healthiest ways of feeding body and soul. Our varied menu is lovingly prepared and served with imagination, and its devoted clientele keeps coming back for more.

Pasha's delights include plenty of options, whether you are a lover of Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, meat, Halal cuisine—or a lover of anything else! Our unique blend of Turkish favorites with a contemporary twist draws upon the palettes of Asian, Anatolian, and Mediterranean food, with items such as; Soup (Corba), Chilled Appetizer (Soguk Meze), Hot Appetizer (Sicak Meze), Salad (Salata), Vegetarian (Sebze), Authentic Dishes (Otantik Yemekler), Kebob (Kebab), Turkish Style Pizza & Lahmajoun (Pide & Lahmacun), and Dessert (Tatli).

To put the finishing touch on what we hope is a wonderful meal, we invite you to try our delicious desserts followed by Turkish coffee or Tea. You may also enjoy our domestic and imported wine and beer (especially our Turkish selections).

Pasha Turkish Cuisine is a gastronomical experience, and you are welcome any time, whether you dine alone on lunch hour, or spend an evening dining with friends. Come and join our Pasha family, where our food is prepared with expertise… and love.

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