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Sahara Cafe

(508) 798-2181

143 Highland Street


Lebanon's diverse patchwork of Mediterranean-lapped coast, rugged alpine peaks, and green fertile valleys is packed into a parcel of land some 225km long and 46km wide – an area approximately the size of Cyprus or Connecticut. An ancient land, Lebanon features in the writings of Homer and in the Old Testament. Its cities were major outposts and seaports in Phoenician and Roman times, just two of the great civilizations that touched this important Middle Eastern crossroads.

Centuries of common history have united the Arab world through language and culture. Many foods are also shared by most countries of the region, although their origin can often be traced back to greater Syria/Lebanon.

Middle Eastern cooking is extremely nutritious. Although the famous dishes such as kibbi, tabbouleh, and the stuffed vegetables do require a lot of time, the basic family meals are simple and delicious. Whether you try the exotic or the ordinary, we hope that you enjoy your dining experience with us.

"Enjoy your meal"
"Bon appetite"

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