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In Arabic, yalla means "lets go!"  which is the very heart of the YallaBoston.com mission.  

Friends would often ask me where to find a local Lebanese restaurant, market, or the best place to have falafel - so I created a directory for them!  We are a Middle Eastern business and services directory and events calendar focusing on the Greater Boston area! We've been around since 2008 helping to promote Middle Eastern businesses.

YallaBoston.com has served hundreds of advertising requests over the years. If you are interested in highlighting your Middle Eastern business or events on our website, you're welcome to sign-up and login to review all of our services!

About the Founder: Michael

I'm a first generation Lebanese-American and my family is originally from Kaitoulya small village in Lebanon.  My wife is also a first generation Lebanese with family from Zhali.  I had the pleasure to visit Lebanon for the first time in 2004 as it was a life changing experience for me and my family!

I'm a believer, a husband, father, and mechanical engineer with a passion for Lebanese food, family, culture, and tradition!  Yalla, let's go!

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Kaitouly, Lebanon

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