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Bachir Atallah is the founder of Bachir Atallah Law. Before starting his legal career, Bachir earned his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Academy.  Bachir’s academic knowledge and hands on experience in the legal field helped him become a successful litigator as he is capable to argue the law from different perspectives of the legal system.


Prior to starting his own law firm, Bachir worked on many Real Estate and Personal Injury cases with other law firms in Boston and other Massachusetts cities. In addition to his Real Estate and Personal Injury experience, Bachir also worked in Contract Law where he helped many individuals and companies in The Real Estate business and random contracts.


Bachir speaks, reads, and writes in French, Russian, Arabic, and English; he is able to communicate with individuals from different ethnical and cultural backgrounds. Bachir’s multilingual talent enables him to work with different communities and assist them in their legal needs.


Bachir will offer a unique experience of compassion to his clients coupled with professional strategy to achieve the best results in each and every case. The main purpose of this firm is to ensure that every client is satisfied; this firm will not stop fighting as long as there is still some benefit that can be gained.


Bachir will take all the time to listen to your concerns and give you the legal advise that best suits your situation while protecting your legal and civil rights.