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Tony Shamoun

(866) 922-2762

273 Turnpike Road

Westborough, MA 01581

It’s Monday morning, and Tony Chamoun is going to tell a couple of jokes. “It’s what I like to do,” “Tell a joke, break the ice.” Tony figures that most people who go into a car dealership are feeling a great deal of pressure, if only because they’re about to make a big investment. “There are a lot of people doing my job at a lot of dealers, I think I do it a little uniquely." “I meet every customer when they come in the door, put them at ease, make a joke, I don’t just meet with customers when there’s a problem.

I’m out on the floor all the time." “People can be very nervous when they go to buy a car I try to put them at ease.” Tony has a theory of selling. “Selling is listening, not talking.” “I listen to the customer so they can tell me what they want,” he said. “I try to sell people the car they want, not the car I want to sell them.” As General Manager, Tony not only gets to talk with and help clients; he also is responsible for hiring, training and managing the sales staff, making sure they have the training and motivation they need to do the job. 

But, for Tony, it always comes back to personal relationships. "Customer contact is my favorite part of the job.” “I love this job, I really believe I was made to be in this business.” Tony enjoys creating personal relationships with customers and that he particularly enjoys creating and nurturing long-term relationships with customers who will keep coming back over the years and will send friends and family members to Milford Nissan to buy their next new or used vehicle. 

Tony does indeed love the business, but he knows there is a price to be paid for that love. “I think the hardest thing about the business is the hours. The time away from your family.” Feel Free to call Tony on his direct line anytime or send him a message on here or on facebook!

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