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About Dize: After studying literature, Dize started to work as a freelance blog writer. She is a mother of a baby girl and has two dogs. She lives in Istanbul with her family.

Kaitouly, Lebanon

Kaitouly, South Lebanon

Marhaba (Hello), Welcome to YallaBoston.com!

The term "yalla" is a popular term in Arabic that simply means, "come on, or lets go!"  It's the very heart of the mission of this site, which was originally built for the community to help promote local information about Middle Eastern businesses, products, and culture through events, services, and articles. 

The Story Behind YallaBoston.com

Friends and family would often ask me where to find local Lebanese restaurants around Boston, where they could buy fresh khobez (pita bread), or the best places to get a late night falafel, etc. So in 2008, I decided to create a directory for them! Lo and behold, YallaBoston has developed into more than a simple directory, but a community resource of Middle Eastern events, services, and articles that help promote the wonderful culture of the Middle East that are not as well known here in the United States.

Since the site launched, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of individuals and business owners over the years, getting information out to the community through this site and on social media  platforms.  

About the Founder

I'm a first generation Lebanese-American and my family origin is from Kaitouly, a small village in Sothern Lebanon.  My wife is also a first generation Lebanese with family from the well known city of Zhali

For my graduation gift, my father, Paul Chbib Abi-Kheirs, took me and our family to Lebanon for the first time in 2004. It had been years since he left his family and homeland due to the civil war. It was during this trip that I met my enormous extended family while spending time in Beirut, Kaitouly (my family's hometown village), and everywhere in-between while touring the beautiful countryside and rich history of my family's origins.  Since then, I have gone back to visit friends and family multiple times, growing relationships with loved ones and immersing myself in the Lebanese culture.

With that, I'm a God loving believer, a husband, father, and mechanical engineer with a passion for Middle Eastern food, family, culture, and tradition! Yalla, let's go!