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Chicken Shish Kebab

Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Massachusetts

Experience the taste of the Middle East in a neighborhood near you!

Are you looking for Middle Eastern restaurants in your area? Take a look through our directory for a diverse blend of restaurants such as Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish, Persian, Israeli and more! Commonly blended with the term, Mediterranean food, arabic food along the eastern Mediterranean Sea (Lebanon, Syria and Israel) and northern Africa (Egypt to Morocco) are well known for their grilled kabobs, hummus, taboulieh, and a variety of delicious mezze (small plates) platters.  

Spices in Heaps

Best Middle Eastern Markets in Massachusetts

Find unique Middle Eastern imports from spices to pastries, and beer!

Wondering where your local Middle Eastern market is? Browse our directory to find Middle Eastern markets near you where one can find freshly baked pita bread (khobz), manakish, zeitoun (olives), pastries and deserts, deli items, handmade cheeses, imported canned goods, hookah supplies, and more!

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Best Middle Eastern Hookah Lounges in Massachusetts

From double apple to lemon and mint, there's a flavor for everyone!

If you are a hookah (sheesha) enthusiast or thinking about trying hookah for the first time, take a look through our list of hookah lounges in and around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire.

Some of these lounges offer evening entertainment such as bands and belly dancers, where others are more relaxed and laid-back and offer more of a coffee house ambiance.

Belly Dancer

Middle Eastern Entertainment Services

From Dabke Groups, Belly Dancers to Middle Eastern Bands and DJs

Are you looking for local or regional Middle Eastern entertainers to hire for your special event? These artists and groups specialize in a variety of traditional and contemporary Arabic styles. You'll find groups that perform zaffe's for weddings and special events to belly dancers, dabke groups as well as bands and DJs. 

Hair Stylist

Local Health & Wellness Services

Search here for a variety of local health and wellness services in your area

In our Health & Wellness Directory, you'll find local salons, barbers, doctors, dentists, cosmetics, counseling services and more. All business listed are owned and operated by those of Middle Eastern descent - many of which are fluent in speaking Arabic.

Barbers - Cosmetics - Counseling - Dentists - Hair Salons - Plastic Surgery - Stylists

Image by Helloquence

Local Middle Eastern Business Services

Search here for a variety of local  business services in your area

From Arabic speaking Attorneys, to Accountants, our Business Directory showcases many service based companies that are owned and operated by those of Middle Eastern descent. 


Attorneys - Accountants - Auto Sales - Electricians - Funeral Homes - Immigration - Insurance - Tax Preparers - Travel Companies - Waste Management - Web Design


Aerial Photo of a Real Estate

Local Real Estate Services

Search here for a variety of local real estate businesses in your area

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling your home, or simply interested in getting on an MLS list. Here is a list of local real estate agencies, agents, brokers, mortgage officers, and rental property companies which are owned and operated by those of Middle Eastern descent - many of which are fluent in speaking Arabic.

Real Estate Agencies - Real Estate Agents - Real Estate Brokers - Loan Officers - Mortgage Officers - Rental Properties 

Networking Event

Middle Eastern Groups & Organizations

Join and support your local Middle Eastern groups and organizations

There's a wide variety Middle Eastern groups, clubs, and organizations that you can join. If you're a college student in Boston, you may be interested to know about the Lebanese and Egyptian clubs at local campuses. If you looking for a professional group, you'll find a few clubs such as the American Lebanese Engineering Society or the Network of Arab-American Professionals. If you just want to experience Middle Eastern culture, the Boston Palestine Film Festival and Center for Arabic Culture are great organizations to follow. Take a look through the directory, there's plenty more!

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