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A new Lebanese Zaffe Group serving North America. Welcome, Ceasars Events to Boston!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

We are delighted to welcome Ceasars Events and one of the best zaffe groups in the US, to Boston, Massachusetts!

This Lebanese Zaffe Group takes your celebrations to new heights through traditional and cultural mixed modern shows. You can enjoy extravagant entertainment and zaffe, all brought together with magical costumes, unique dancers, and talented musicians.

When you witness their enthusiastic performances, it is clear why their services are in high demand. For this reason, all of New England, and all regions across the country now have the opportunity to take advantage of their unique entertainment brilliance.

They specialize in a variety of cultural zaffe performances. Of the most popular are the Lebanese zaffe and dabke, Arabic zaffe and dabke, royalty zaffe, themed shows, and parades. Furthermore, the bride and groom's entrance alongside the heartfelt drumbeat of your cultural heritage will take your breath away.

Caesars Events proudly adapts to diverse cultures, ethnicities, and races. By doing so, their love for worldly tradition expressed through their performance art is unmistakable.

Undoubtedly, one of the best zaffe groups in the US, Caesars Events, is waiting to captivate you and your guests!

How to Inquire?

Contact Yalla Boston via our quick and easy event form. A member of Caesars Events will contact you soon!

Dream it. Dance it. Live it.


Caesars Events Proudly Bring You

Arabic and Lebanese Zaffe

Caesars Events

Caesars offers you authentic Lebanese zaffe, alongside zaffe, with a unique twist.

A lump in your throat is sure to arise when you witness the grand entrance of the bride and groom. This zaffe group of performers, dancers, and drummers adorned in extravagant costumes makes this moment unforgettable.

Furthermore, you can feel the electrifying energy of shows and performances when celebrating graduation. The perfect send-off as your loved one enters their next life phase!

Solo and Band Live Music

Ceasars goes the extra mile to design and create your event with your specific requirements. The atmosphere will surely be riveting, whether a solo act, a DJ, live music, or a parade.

Planning a wedding, an engagement, graduation, an anniversary, or hosting a birthday alongside exhilarating entertainment will keep your guests in the heart of your event.

Themed Dance Performances

Caesars Events

Caesars keeps you and your guest enthralled with both on-stage and air performances. In addition, you can dance the evening away to anything from a classic Waltz to enlivening hip hop.

If you are thinking of including a show outside of Middle Eastern culture, consider a traditional Indian or Chinese performance.

Decidedly, Ceasars' worldly entertainment expertise creates a show that is as diverse as their talent.

Types of Zaffe Performances:

  • Traditional Arabic & Lebanese

  • Solo Band & Live Music Performances

  • Themed Dance Performances (Waltz, Hip Hop, Indian, Chinese, etc.)


What is Zaffe?

Don't know what zaffe is? Here is a quick brief of what one is and why it is essential to add a deeply rooted cultural event to your wedding or celebration.

Zaffe is a centuries-old traditional Middle Eastern wedding procession or march. The style varies from each Middle Eastern country. Today, the most known and practiced styles are Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian.

A zaffe group accompanies the bride and groom as they make their way to the dance floor. This extravagant procession of performers and musicians is a warm-up to get the wedding celebrations going.

This upbeat and joyous celebration continues on the dance floor while the guests partake in clapping and enjoy the entertainment.

What is a Zaffe Group?

Typically, a zaffe group consists of professional dabke dancers, drummers, and belly dancers. The dabke dancers circle the newlyweds showcasing a choreographed dance while the guests actively get involved with jubilant clapping.

What is a Dabke Dance?

The dabke is a circular folk dance that means "stamping of the feet."

Certainly, a Middle Eastern wedding or large celebration always carries the sound of feet stamping in rhythm to the drumbeat. Again, the dabke dance varies in style in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan.

In many cultures, rich traditions are carried forward for future generations to enhance their heritage. In the same way, as our world evolves, so too do these traditions.

Caesars Events provides an array of ideas, music, and costumes to align with your specific event requirements, creating memories that last a lifetime!


For additional information about zaffe:

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