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Arabian Costumes for Kids

Halloween is coming up on us rapidly and costume decisions need to be made. For parents, this means not only getting their own look down, but also getting outfits for their kids. Look no further! Here are some of the top rated Arabian style costumes for you and your kids to enjoy.

Best Arabian Princess Costume

Best Arabian Princess Costume

The Little Adventures Arabian Princess costume is a blue gown reminiscent of Arabian Nights. It features a velvet bodice with full sleeves and gold accents. There’s a built in necklace with a faux gem embedded in its center to help complete the royal look. The accompanying pants are billowy and loose. You can pick it up on Amazon right now for $43.99.

Perhaps the best feature of Little Adventures’ costumes is that they are machine washable. I don’t think anyone enjoys taking their child’s chocolate stained costume to the dry cleaner, but many costumes don’t hold up to a standard washing machine. As a trade-off, this means that these costumes can’t feature some of the more novel or elaborate fixtures that so often get ruined in the wash. This Arabian Princess costume manages to include a necklace and some fabric chains, but they’re firmly attached.

Best Princess Jasmine Costume

Best Princess Jasmine Costume

Similar to the Arabian Princess costume is Party City’s officially licensed Princess Jasmine costume. The design is based on Jasmine’s design in the new live-action Aladdin film. The outfit is a teal jumpsuit with gold accents. There’s a cape attached to the jumpsuit with a peacock design, and the entire thing is studded with dangling jewelry and blue rhinestones. The price starts at $54.99 and goes up to $134.99, depending upon the size you need.

Being an officially licensed costume from a big brand company, the price is a little higher than a lot of similar costumes, but the quality seems to be there. The outfit is machine washable, but only on cold cycles and it cannot be dried. Parents have praised the accuracy of the costume to the film, but some find the separation of the cape to be poorly placed.

Best Aladdin Costume

Not to leave boys out of the fun, Disguise’s Aladdin Street Rat costume serves as a counterpart to the princess costumes we’ve seen. The classic, extremely drooped pants and purple vest are front and center here. Also included is a small red fez cap to top the whole thing off. This thief getup will cost you $84.99.

The visual accuracy of the costume and the addition of a vest that isn’t sown on is a definite plus. It seems that there have been sizing issues and the fez cap is known to fall off easily. Some have found the low-hanging pants to hamper their kids from walking around, but it's overall highly rated among buyers.

Best Three Wise Men Costumes

Gaspar Costume

Rubie’s Gaspar costume represents the first of the Three Wise Men. It features red robes, a metallic brocade robe, and a crown to match. It is currently sold for $59.99.

The promotional pictures feature a cord belt and a bowl of gifts (gold, frankincense, and myrrh), but neither come with the costume. Without the props, the costume looks like a basic king outfit, so you will have to purchase accessories separately.

Melchoir Costume

Rubie’s second Wise Man costume represents Melchior. The polyester robes are golden, with a metallic brocade robe and a cord belt accenting them. The costume includes a gold headdress that flows down and acts almost as a cape. It ranges from $37.82 to $56.99 on Amazon.

Unlike the Gaspar costume, this costume does come with the cord belt, but the fine print makes it clear that the actual belt is much thinner than the one pictured. That said, the design is more distinctive and the headdress is a nice touch.

Balthasar Costume

Rounding out our Wise Men is California Costumes’ Balthasar outfit. The included robes are red and blue, with a red cape that hangs down and a teal headdress. The robes are screen-printed and are made of polyester. Prices range from $29.99 to $36.99.

People have praised this costume for being well made and durable. The color palette is appealing and it helps make the costume more unique. As with all of the Wise Men costumes here, it would have been nicer if they threw in an appropriate prop to help bring the outfit together.

Best Saint Joseph Costume

Best Saint Joseph Costume

Forum Novelties’ Biblical Times Deluxe Saint Joseph Costume has become a popular choice this year. The outfit is comprised of a blue robe, a coat, a rope belt, and a headdress. It currently goes for $22.99 on Amazon.

The Deluxe Joseph Costume certainly matches the image that he brings to mind, but some have found the material of the cloth to be too shiny. Others have warned against ironing the outfit, which is said to wrinkle easily. I can see where that might become a problem for some, but just handle with care.

Best Saint Mary Costume

Rounding out our list is California Costumes’ Virgin Mary outfit. Featuring a cream colored dress made of screen-printed polyester, a blue waist tie, and a matching cape. The outfit is made complete by a matching headdress. You can find it on Amazon right now for $24.59.

Best Saint Mary Costume

People have widely agreed on the high quality of the materials used here. It stands in contrast to many flimsier outfits on the market today. Parents have called it a well-fitting and comfortable costume with accurate sizing. Some have complained that the coloration of the outfit is different from that seen in promotional material, so keep that in mind.

I am always amused by the endless variation of new Halloween costumes each year. Even characters from texts written thousands of years ago are having their appearances updated and reworked season by season. I hope that you’ll find the Halloween costumes perfect for your family’s tastes – and budget – be they Arabian themed, straight out of science fiction, or something else entirely. More important than any costume is enjoying the season and spending time with your family, but having a great costume never hurts!

Arabian Halloween Accessories for Kids

Here are a few optional accessories to accompany your child's costume!

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