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Best Hummus Brands Online!

Updated: May 17, 2022

When food is a conversation topic, Hummus is going to pop up. Hummus is an extremely popular delectable dip, spread, or sauce that has crept into homes and restaurants worldwide. Hummus is high in nutritional value and a healthier alternative to other food condiments. The main appeal of Hummus is the diversity it offers in meals.

Several best hummus brands online are available to purchase, each unique in taste and texture. It is all about finding your favorite one! In addition, it is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Furthermore, the best hummus recipes for the avid epicure are easy to follow and find online.

A Little History about Hummus

Recipes for Hummus being around for so long, we cannot ascertain an exact origin. Many cultures would like to credit the origin of Hummus to their history and heritage. The actual word "hummus" comes from the Arabic dialect meaning chickpea. Now, this makes perfect sense as chickpeas are the main ingredient for Hummus.

Based on our history records, the earliest mention of hummus recipes dates back to the 13th century in Egypt. Another study suggests that the actual chickpea more than likely originated in present-day south-eastern Turkey, right next door to Syria. The abundance of chickpea cultivation in the Middle East and India was then and still is vast. So, it only makes sense it is a food source incorporated into our diets.

It is fascinating to see how chickpeas have evolved over the centuries. For example, during World War I, in Biga, Canakkale Province, Turkey, the civilians started to make "chickpea coffee" due to delayed imports of coffee. How innovative is that! Indeed, the combination of history for both the chickpea ingredient and actual Hummus has put this incredibly delicious and nutritious condiment in high regard and demand.

What Is Hummus Made Of?

Hummus offers you an opportunity to "play with your food". There are several best hummus recipes for hummus. However, here are the basic essential ingredients:

Now, for some added ingredient fun!

For instance, adding a touch of extra tahini adds silkiness to the texture. A generous squeeze of lemon juice boosts freshness. Add a pinch of cumin to enhance the flavor. It is better to soak chickpeas overnight and cook them from scratch. However, choosing to use a can of chickpeas is perfectly fine. Once you have plated your hummus, scoop a small hole in the center using the back of a spoon. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, Za'atar (Best Middle Eastern Za'atar Brands), and Sumac for that perfect Middle Eastern touch. If you do not have these in your pantry, fresh herbs such as oregano or marjoram are an ideal alternative.

In my option, the can option actually adds to the creaminess of hummus but does carry less nutritional value and taste. Over time, you are sure to perfect a recipe that tickles your taste buds. I have included my favorite recipe at the end of this article. Don't miss this one, and it's a family favorite!

There are numerous highly recommended best hummus brands online for those seeking ready-made options. Let's look at some of the local brands and imported varieties available.

Best (Close to Authentic) Hummus Brands

About the Company

Cedar's holds authenticity and honest foods close to heart. The founder, Abe Hanna, was passionate about Mediterranean cuisine. He kept to natural and genuine ingredients and believed a simple process could create the ultimate organic Hummus. He has chosen to style the spelling of Hummus with an "O" – Hommus. Although not the most popular spelling, it does not deter from the excellence his family product continues to offer. Passing down the family's best hummus recipe for your to enjoy is what they strive to achieve.

Product Description

Cedar's organic original Hommus pleases your palette with a perfect flavor, spices, and texture balance. It is proudly preservative-free, certified USDA organic, and non-GMO project certified. Furthermore, it is gluten-free, vegan certified, and kosher. For this reason, a superb all-around hummus choice! They offer a slightly larger 16 OZ tub, so you will not run out too soon (or maybe you will!)


About the Company

Chris and his team at Ithaca Hummus are on a mission to provide you with Hummus that embodies a full lemon zestiness. From humble beginnings offering their products at local farmers' markets, they are growing into one of the most popular brands in America.

Product Description

Calling all real lemon fans! This particular product has a tantalizing tart lemon flavor. You can expect a subtle back taste of garlic alongside a smooth and velvety texture. Furthermore, all their products non-GMO. You can see why this delicious product is one of the best hummus brands online to consider.


About the Company

Ted, Ike, and Dimitri from Cava believe that good food brings people together. Never straying from this belief, they have created, dare I say, an empire of traditionally enriched products and restaurants across America. Supplying more than 250 wholesale markets and specialty grocery stores in your areas, you are sure to see their Cava Traditional Hummus on the shelves.

Product Description

This product offering is a true classic. The ingredients keep to the basics of chickpeas, fresh garlic, tahini, lemon juice, and salt. You will be pleased to know that there are no added oils!

Also, their brand has less sodium than others, making them an excellent choice for those with high cholesterol. The taste is spectacular, and the texture smooth and creamy. For those seeking the ultimate healthy Hummus, this is it!


About the Company

Baba Hummus tells the beautiful tale of childhood kitchen memories being built into a thriving business for all to enjoy. The CEO, Moaz Bensalem, recalls spending many hours in his grandma’s kitchen alongside the Mediterranean Sea. He witnessed her preparing mouthwatering meals using fresh ingredients from the garden. It's no surprise this time in his life has led him to follow the same calling. All their products are made from a certified home kitchen, keeping with family tradition.

About the Product

The variety of flavors will have you spoilt for choice. But don't panic; Baba Small Pack Hummus is available in assorted packs of 3 and 6, so you will not have to decide. You can try them all! Some of these enticing pack combos include: classic roasted garlic and artichoke, cilantro & jalapeño, and sun-dried tomato and basil, to name a few. They are USDA organic certified, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and preservative-free. You can expect a smooth and creamy texture with exquisite bursts of unforgettable flavor.


Best Imported Middle Eastern Hummus Brands

While it is always best to support locals, there are some imported Hummus products for your consideration. You may not have added health benefits compared with the freshly prepared options due to being canned. However, they are an excellent alternative to taking camping or on a trip where refrigeration facilities are lacking. Let's see what they are offering.

About the Company

The CEO of Cortas Food, Pierre Battikha, continues the company's legacy of bringing nostalgic flavors of Lebanon to your table in America and around the world. With a rich company history dating back to the late 1920s, it is no wonder they have mastered the art of canned traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

About the product

This canned Hummus has a similarly smooth and creamy texture to its fresh counterparts.

In saying that, there seems to be a lack of flavor—a perfect opportunity for you to add your culinary pizazz. You may have some Middle Eastern spices lurking. Pop these in, add some fresh garlic and extra lemon juice, and you are good to go. This long-shelf Hummus is ideal to pop in the pantry for surprise guests. Indeed, Cortas canned hummus is a top-rated best hummus brand online.

Where to buy: (Affiliate Link) or at your local Middle Eastern market.


About the Company

The Ziyad brand started with family in mind over 50 years ago. This well-established brand offers many traditional products in line with your desired Middle Eastern dishes. Their story is delightful, and I encourage you to read it. With their passion and reputation well in place, it only makes sense that their canned Hummus is a great alternative to consider.

About the Product

Ziyad premium canned Hummus with tahini sauce is 100% natural and has no additives or preservatives. A tremendous feat for any canned food. Like most canned products, there is a bland taste. However, this exceptionally well-made Hummus is ideal for personal customizing. As we are all unique in our tastes, perhaps there is an ingredient you have always wanted to try in Hummus. You could create one of the best hummus recipes around! Well, now is the ideal occasion to give it a go.

Where to buy: (Affiliate Link) or at your local Middle Eastern market.


Is Hummus Healthy?

The answer is Yes! All the main ingredients in Hummus offer you a high magnesium and iron intake alongside a moderate calcium intake. Vitamins include B6 and C. Furthermore; chickpeas are an incredible source of fiber. The fat content can be high due to the oils used, so you must exercise caution if you are on a strict diet.

Like most of the food we consume, it is going easy on the added salt is always a good idea. Take a moment to read the labels when purchasing any Hummus product to understand the ingredients and health benefits fully. On the whole, Hummus is a healthy dip, spread, or sauce. The flavor complements many dishes from across the globe. Undoubtedly, it is a staple in all Middle Eastern cuisine. So, next time you are out and about, keep looking for all these fantastic hummus products.

Thank you for reading about the best Hummus brands online. This incredible and enormously popular dip has undoubtedly had its journey from source to plate. Which one will be your favorite?

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