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(Updated) The Best Lebanese Olive Oil Brands You Can Find Online!

Updated: Mar 6

Best Lebanese Olive Oil

We all use it, and we all love it! Simply put, we cannot eat without it!

Olive oil is an essential ingredient in Lebanese and international cuisine. The distinct taste enhances the flavor of everything from dips and salads to traditionally cooked meals. In addition, extra virgin olive oil has optimized health benefits. It is, by far, one of the most sought-after consumable oil products worldwide.

Some of the finest quality olive oil comes from the thriving olive tree groves in the Middle East region. The ideal climate and meticulous extraction process ensure every meal bursts with flavor and goodness!

So, let's take a journey into this incredible product and discover some of the best olive oil brands online!

What is the History of Lebanese Olive Oil

The cultivation of the olive tree began in Lebanon around 6000 B.C. (8000 years ago!). Lebanon's ancient landscape offers beautiful crop-growing conditions in Koura, the Nahr el Kaleb Valleys, and the Akkar regions, to name a few.

Furthermore, Lebanon is home to "The Sisters" or "Sister Olive Trees of Noah" in the Northern town of Bchaaleh. This grove of 16 trees is believed to be more than 6000 years old. Just incredible!

In 2017, Lebanon became a full member of the International Olive Council (OIC). The world's only international and intergovernmental organization specializing in olives and olive oil. Indeed, an accomplishment to behold.

Here are a few facts about Lebanon's olive oil according to the OIC:

  • 60% of Lebanon's olive trees are over 150 years old

  • There are over 200,000 olive orchards in Lebanon

  • Lebanon has over 500 olive mills throughout the country

What to Look For When Buying Lebanese Olive Oil

Choosing your favorite extra virgin olive oil is the same as selecting a fine wine. Lebanese extra virgin olive oil brands vary from buttery, peppery, fruity, nutty, woody, and other distinctions. If you are an avid epicure, try a few. You can pair olive oil with a specific dish to entice your family or guests.

For a unique olive oil experience, look at the best olive oil brands online below. Each brand tells its own story, and you will find the perfect olive oil for your culinary requirements. Alternatively, pop into one of Massachusetts's many local Middle Eastern markets.

Olive oil is so diverse in the kitchen environment. For your convenience, the frequently asked questions at the end of our article will make you an olive oil connoisseur.

What are the Top Lebanese Olive Oil Brands Online?

In this article, I list the four Lebanese olive oil products that you can find online (Amazon affiliate links). The brands include:

​Litani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bekaa Valley

Al Dayaa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Northern Lebanon

OFLORALE Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Northern Lebanon

Zougheib Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koura Region

Said Saifan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koura Region

Olive Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koura Region

Massoud Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nahr el Kaleb Valley

I hope that you enjoy reading the stories of each of the company's origins that I provided below. With hard-to-find specialty products such as these, it can be nice to build a connection to a brand as it can bring more meaning to your purchase, especially when you know that you're supporting their love and passion towards the quality of their products.


Litani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bekaa Valley

About the Company

The Litani brand started its journey from the beautiful west Bekaa region in 1982. This humble family business is tentatively caring for the 600-year-old olive tree grove.

In 2014, Saveur Magazine quoted their extra virgin olive as one of their favorite Lebanese brands. Today, they continue to share their premium extra virgin olive oil with the world.

About the Product

If you are looking for authentic and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, Litani is the way to go. The product is grown, manufactured, and packed in the Bekaa Valley.

The rich Lebanese taste of this "liquid gold" will take your palette straight into the valley. You can expect a subtle fruity flavor with fresh undertones, making it an ideal choice for salads and dips.

In the same way, add a splash when whipping up a stir fry to enhance the taste of the garden-fresh ingredients.

Available in a 3-liter resealable tin, you cannot go wrong when adding this extra virgin olive oil to any fresh dish.


Al Dayaa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Northern Lebanon

About the Company

This well-established business hails the Kfaraakka village in Northern Lebanon. Al Dayaa strives to provide service excellence by continuously promoting its extra virgin olive oil at shows around the globe, including the UAE, Germany, New York, and Qatar.

Al Dayaa keeps authenticity close to heart with a strong focus on premium quality. Their high enthusiasm and passion are evident from the colorful tin packing and superb olive oil taste.

About the product

When you open Al Dayaa olive oil, your senses meet an intense olive aroma. A sure sign of an excellent extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil offers a smooth and subtle pepper flavor. Yet, there is no strong pepper aftertaste. The peppery backslash will enhance your meal if you prepare a meat dish.

Also, add it to your savory dips, such as hummus. Remember to drizzle a touch over your hummus before serving. A truly delicious dipping pleasure!

Have a look at the 3-liter resealable tin so that you can take your meat dishes to the next level.


OFLORALE Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Northern Lebanon

About the Company

The founders of Oflorale were born and raised in Lebanon. In 2014, they moved to New York after spending ten years in Paris. A few years later, they longed for the flavors of home and the health benefits of Middle Eastern cuisine.

This deep-rooted calling sparked the idea for Oflorale. A one-stop-shop for Lebanese culinary favorites such as Orange Blossom Water, Pomegranate Molasses, and extra virgin olive oil.

Oflorale has a 20-year relationship with Lebanese farmers and producers. Therefore, you can expect only the highest quality olive fruit in their oil.

Today, they passionately share their products with all who want to experience the rich and delicious flavors straight from the valleys of Lebanon.

About the Product

Oflorale ensures a consistent and smooth oil quality by using the "surani" variety of olive fruit.

You can expect a fruity meets earthy tone complimented by a hot accent and subtle bitterness. With all these extraordinary flavors, this unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is perfect for sauteing, stir-frying, and roasting.

Whether you have a tantalizing lamb dish or zesty sumac roast chicken in mind, remember to add a healthy dash. Also, sprinkle generously over your vegetables for roasting. Truly delicious!

The slender 500ml glass bottle comes securely packaged to lower the risk of breakage. Indeed, this premium extra virgin olive oil must be in your pantry.


Zougheib Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koura Region, Lebanon (ARTISAN)

Zougheib Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About: If you are looking for traditional, high-quality premium extra virgin olive oil, Zougheib extract of Amyouni and Aayrouni Olives is an ideal choice. High in the elevations of the Koura region of Northern Lebanon, you will find the Zougheib family is diligently preserving and adhering to the traditional style of olive cultivation, free of any chemical or mechanical intervention, just like their forefathers did.

With the modern and traditional cooking needs in baking, roasting, dips, and as bases, this Lebanese olive oil adds the flavor and aroma in many homestyle dishes, pasta, salad, and seasonings.

Zougheib’s is organically grown and processed and possesses a dark green color with a robust fruity flavor and aroma.

Available in 500ml bottle, it ensures no preservatives, no GMO, no chemicals, and no gluten.

Where to Buy


Saifan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koura Valley, Lebanon | Since 1939

About: “The SAID SAIFAN Company has achieved notoriety in the world of olive oil, olive oil soap, and table olives by providing customers with premium quality olive tree products.

The company was founded by Said Saifan in 1939 in a very small shop in Tripoli in the Northern part of Lebanon near the Mediterranean Sea. The sale of olive oil and the production of local traditional Middle Eastern olive oil soaps were the primary business staples in those early days.

In 1949, Said Saifan, fueled by his passion for the noble olive tree and a business steadily growing because of good quality products, substantial business integrity, and a solid reputation, registered one of the first olive oil trademarks in Lebanon and the Middle East under the name of KOURA which would later be replaced by the brand SAIFAN.

Try These Saifan Olive Oil Varieties (affiliate links):

In 1959, Georges, the son of Said Saifan, began the journey of developing the Said Saifan Company toward what it is today by joining the company and carrying forward the values that his father established. Georges understood that the continuing growth of the company would rely on maintaining the values his father established: Excellent product quality, Business integrity, Reputation.

In 2000 the third generation of the Saifan family joined the management of the family business, with the same values and perseverance of its founders.

Our company has developed a very solid line of products distributed to our local markets and exported to many countries around the world. Our Products consist of our Olive Oils - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, our Olive Oil Soaps - White Olive Oil Soap, Green Olive Oil Soap, Pure Olive Oil Soap, Laurel Olive Oil Soap, Perfumed Olive Oil Soap, and our Table Olives - Green and Black Olives with Pits in Brine. Currently, we are in the process of developing new additions to our existing product lines – a 100% Natural Liquid Olive Oil Soap, a Flavor-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and Black Olives in Tapenade.

Unique Middle Eastern Olive Oils to Try

To achieve this extended production and this worldwide distribution, our facility is outfitted with the latest state-of-the-art processing equipment for manufacturing and a top-of-the-line in-house laboratory for quality assurance.

For Saifan the manufacture of our products is not only a matter of conformity to norms, regulations, and standards in our industry, it is a matter of delivering a product made with love, where premium quality ingredients and packaging are used.

For our company, selling our products is not just a business transaction. It’s about the lasting human relationship formed between two parties that share the same values and willingness to build a long-time business partnership based on quality, integrity, and authenticity.”


Olive Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koura Region, Lebanon | Since 1959

ABOUT: “The Yacoub Maalouf family has been growing and milling olives in this region since 1959, producing some of the region’s most superior, naturally made olive oils.

In the year 2000, Chafic Maalouf, owner and general manager, imported a small batch of extra virgin olive oil from his family’s olive groves in Koura, North Lebanon. The unique olive oil was received with great excitement. In Massachusetts, Chafic established Olive Harvest to ensure a reliable connection between his family’s oil production in Lebanon and the growing market in New England. As an agricultural Engineer, a crop Scientist, and a passionate olive oil maker, Chafic devoted his experience and his talents to bringing the best quality olive oil into New England at very affordable prices.

Currently, the Yacoub Maalouf family operates a privately owned olive press and more than 35 acres of olive groves in the fertile Koura region of North Lebanon, with the added capability of buying olives and olive oil from neighboring growers.

Archaeological evidence reveals that the olive tree has been cultivated in the Koura region of North Lebanon for thousands of years. The Koura region is an elevated plateau situated 350 meters above sea level at the foot of the West Lebanon mountains that tower 3200 meters over the region below. This breathtaking location adjacent to the Mediterranean sea possesses lush soils of silt and clay that are naturally rich in potassium, calcium, and minerals. This territory, coupled with our naturally grown cultivars, make our olive crop superior.”


Massoud Freres Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nahr el Kaleb Valley, Lebanon | Since 1997

Massoud Freres Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About the Company

“In 1997, the olive grove was purchased from a good Lebanese friend. It sits north of Beirut along the Valley of Nahr el Kaleb, and approximately 1600 feet above.

The ancient trees on the property were abandoned, so our brother Paul cleaned, pruned, fed, and picked the trees, and after three years of care, we brought them back into production. The first crop of oil was excellent, but only for our personal use. The following year, the olives produced enough oil to consider importing it to Texas.

Along with all the farmers in this area, we take our fresh hand-picked olives to a nearby olive oil press to make the oil. When it’s “our turn,” the olives are dumped in a bin where they travel through a centrifuge. Where the oil is separated from water and pulp and then filtered. The olive oil press also has a small bottling plant where the oil is bottled, sealed, labeled, and shipped to us. Since we are farmers, pickers, pruners, packers, importers, and marketers, we know this oil has been properly grown, processed, and handled.

This olive oil, which is a labor of love, was grown and produced with the help of some good Lebanese friends. It is completely free of chemicals, insecticides, preservatives, or other (filler) oils from outside the region. In other words, it is 100% Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil grown and bottled in Lebanon. It is very rich in texture and flavor and is great for seasoning vegetables, salads, pasta dishes, excellent tabbouleh, and dripping over hummus and babaghanoush.”

About the product

The golden color and rich texture make this artisanal olive oil the perfect kitchen all-rounder. You can expect an intense olive aroma without an overwhelming bitter back taste.

Whether preparing a crisp garden salad, pasta, or babaghanoush, Massoud Freres subtly enhances the flavor, making it a superb choice for sensitive palettes.


Final Thoughts

It’s easy to buy any common olive oil brand at your local supermarket, especially those that are on sale. However, if you’re looking for olive oil that is of higher quality with abundant natural flavors, consider trying one of these top Lebanese brands.


Frequently Asked Questions About Olive Oil

What is cold-pressed olive oil?

Cold-pressed olive oil, also known as extra virgin olive oil, is a producer's first extract of olive oil from the olive fruit. Cold-pressed olives are also "first pressed," which means that they were only pressed once and did not go through a secondary pressing process which can change the quality and flavor. This is considered the purest version of olive oil.

Are the sediments at the bottom of my olive oil container normal?

It is typical for pressed and unfiltered olive oil to have some sediment settle at the bottom of the bottle or tin. If you do not want this sediment, filter it with a fine strainer. With this said, the sediment does not harm the flavor or reduce natural health benefits.

When does olive oil go bad?

Most extra virgin olive oil lasts between 18 – 24 months. However, once opened, olive oil does start to degrade. Use your olive oil within six months of opening the bottle or tin for optimal benefits and flavor.

How do I store olive oil?

Store your olive oil in a cool and dark place, away from heat and light. Please keep it away from the stove and other products that produce heat. The best place is in the kitchen pantry or cupboard. To avoid tainting the flavor, minimize air exposure.

Where can I buy Lebanese olive oil?

Aside from purchasing the brands that we found online in this article, you can head over to one of your local Middle Eastern markets. You can browse for the closest Middle Eastern market here.

Is it ok to fry with Lebanese olive oil?

The answer is yes, you can! Few Mediterranean chefs and home cooks do not fry with olive oil. When doing so, the olive oil flavor in the dish is unmistakable and delicious.

What is olive oil smoke point?

Studies by The North American Olive Oil Association show that the smoking point for:

  • Extra virgin olive oil is between 350 – 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and

  • Olive oil is 390 – 468 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extra virgin olive oil displays the greatest oxidative stability compared to refined olive oil and other cooking oils. Therefore, producing lower levels of polar compounds, trans fat, and other byproducts. In other words, extra virgin olive oil is the most stable oil when heated.

Why is olive oil bad for frying?

In recent years, consumers have expressed concerns about heating extra virgin olive oil for frying. Could this process take away from its health benefits and be dangerous? You may ask.

To ease your concerns, research conducted in 2018 shows that extra virgin olive is safe when cooked to extremely high temperatures. Extra virgin olive oil is more chemically stable than all the cooking oils we use daily. Hence, it is known as "the healthiest fat on earth."

However, it is essential to note that refined olive oils can cause the oil's molecules to fall apart when heated to high temperatures. Hence, increasing the levels of trans fatty acids in the product.

So, extra virgin olive oil is the way to go!

Is it ok to fry with Lebanese olive oil?

As most of the olive oil produced in Lebanon is extra virgin, the answer is yes. Certainly, the flavor may vary depending on the brand you prefer. Yet, it is a safe and healthier alternative to regular cooking oils. Notably, experts do not encourage olive oil for deep frying. You save oil and keep optimal nutritional value by shallow frying.

Is it ok to fry chicken with Lebanese olive oil?

Absolutely! You can pan-fry breaded or uncoated chicken in olive oil. When you choose a Lebanese extra virgin olive oil with complimentary undertones, your chicken is crispy and delicious.

Yalla Boston Tip: remember to keep your oil from going beyond the smoking point. If you do, you "burn" the oil, which can hinder the taste of herbs and spices on your chicken.


Do you have a favorite Lebanese olive oil? Let us know what you like and share your thoughts in the comments below! And don't forget to subscribe to stay updated with our latest articles and posts.


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