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Best Lebanese, Turkish, and Jordanian Sumac Brands Online!

The aromatic and zesty sumac spice is a staple in several Middle Eastern homes. It can be used on its own and mixed with other fragrant spices to enhance the flavor of your meals. Numerous Middle Eastern dishes rely on sumac as an essential ingredient. For example, a tabbouleh or fatoush salad is sure to be lacking that distinct zesty flavor should you choose not to add it, however, as with all Middle Eastern cuisine, variations are a tradition from family to family. So let's embark on an inspiring journey to fully understand the culinary pleasure this fantastic spice can award your palate!

Side Note: What are the origins of tabbouleh?

Throughout time edible herbs have formed an essential part of the people's diet living in the Middle Eastern regions. Tabbouleh originates in the mountains of Syria and Lebanon where the climate is ideal for growing a herb known as qadb (Medicago sativa).

At the time, this herb made up the bulk of tabbouleh. Today, bulgur wheat or a similar wholesome grain makes up the bulk of this delicious and popular salad.


Best Middle Eastern Sumac Brands Online

There are a variety of sumac spice brands available online. Here are a few to explore!

About the Company

Adonis Spices started its journey in Beirut, Lebanon, during the 1960s. A humble retail store selling ground coffee and local spices. Their name comes from Greek Mythology and speaks of "Adonis", worshipped in the area of Phoenicia. His blood was said to flood the Lebanese plains making the soil extremely fertile. An ideal environment to grow the Sumac shrub.

About the Product

Adonis Spices' mission is to produce spices of the finest quality for all to enjoy in more than 25 countries worldwide! They pay special attention to the ingredients, ensuring your product is authentic.

Furthermore, they use advanced production technology and follow strict quality control guidelines. The result is a sumac spice that takes you back to the plains of Lebanon, where it all began.

Where to buy it?


About the Company

The greatest successful food stories begin with deep-rooted culture and traditional family recipes. Ziyad was started by two brothers when they opened the first Pita Bread Bakery on the South side of Chicago in 1966.

Their dedication and passion for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine led them to expand into markets beyond the Midwest. Today they are the trusted leaders in importing many Middle Eastern brands and spices to the United States.

About the Product

Upon opening the spice packaging, the tantalizing aroma will invigorate your senses! Ziyad harvests their sumac when the berries on the shrub are the ideal ripeness. They follow a careful drying and grounding process, ensuring the sumac you receive is bursting with the lemon flavor you expect from this incredible spice.

Where to buy it?


About the Company

Perez Pazari started their journey in 2007 in the charming city of Istanbul. Their vision was to provide luxury hotels with exceptional quality nuts, dried fruit, Turkish delight, and spices. Today, they supply more than 500 exclusive and luxurious hotels in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Wow, this is quite an achievement to behold!

About the Product

You can expect a premium quality Turkish sumac due to the strict product protocol and standards. The rich, burgundy color is prominent in their product. In addition, they pay special attention to their packaging. Almost all can either be reused or recycled. Savor your sumac spice, knowing you have reduced your carbon "taste" print!

Where to buy it?


How To Use Sumac?

Sumac's zesty flavor appeals to Middle Eastern and Western palates alike. If you enjoy a dash of lemon or lime on a meal, try adding a sprinkle of Sumac instead?

Moreover, in any recipe with lemon, substituting it with Sumac may have your tastebuds in for a fresh and invigorating surprise. Every Middle Eastern culture household will have Sumac in their pantry. Undoubtedly, a sizable stash thereof to ensure it does not run out! You will love the taste and get the fantastic health benefits this "Super spice" offers.

Lebanese Fatoush Salad
Lebanese Fatoush Salad

Sumac plays a vital role in a traditional fatoush salad (pictured above). The fantastic combination of garden-fresh ingredients, crispy fried pita, and tangy vinaigrette dressing makes it an all-year-round must-have at any Middle Eastern feast. The taste you have come to expect from this salad would be amiss if the sumac counterpart were not there.

You can use Sumac in several ways in your kitchen. For instance, sprinkle a little on avocado toast or a bowl of pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a generous shake of sumac. Add any soft cheese of your choice and tuck in. Both these options are quick to prepare, nutritious, and oh so delicious!

Also, sumac is ideal for adding to any meat rub. It is complementary to most types of meat. So, don't be shy. Shake, shake, rattle, and roll for some mouth-watering meat dishes.

What are Sumac Alternatives?

Sumac is a unique spice and carries a distinct flavor. However, there here are a few alternatives you can use should your pantry stash be dry:

In conclusion, sumac brings a world of flavor to your table, whether you use it as a sprinkle in salads, in dressing, or on meat and roast vegetables. You are sure to experience culinary gratification like no other!

Let us know what you use sumac for in the comments below!

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