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Best Maamoul Cookies You Can Find Online!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

What Is Maamoul?

Maamoul is a traditional Middle Eastern cookie that dates back over a century ago. It is an elegant and delicate symphony of crunchy and chewy in a single cookie that melts in your mouth. A delightful creation mixed with original and delicious Middle Eastern flavors that takes you back to in time with every bite. Maamoul is a must-have in the Levantine regions of the Middle East around holidays such as Eid and Easter.

Maamoul is known to be an incredible treat with its intricate recipe. It is beautifully crafted by hand or formed in wooden molds with different shapes such as a round dome, crescent, or a flattened disc. It consists of a shortbread prepared with semolina or wheat and butter, delicately rolled to precision to achieve the smooth pastry. The middle part of the cookie contains a paste with jam-like consistency brimming with naturally sweet dates, thus minimizing the use of artificial sweeteners. Pistachios and chopped walnuts are also incorporated into the mix as filling to enhance the variety of flavors. Occasionally, the date fillings are infused with rosewater or orange blossom that make them more aromatic. Each cookie is a rich and delicious packet of sweet Middle Eastern flavor with tradition in every mouthful.

Best Maamoul by Zalatimo Sweets

A Favorite - (Delivered Fresh in 2-3 Days)

One of the highest-ranked bakeries that produce high-quality gourmet products with authentic Middle Eastern flavors is the Zalamito Sweet Company. With a robust historical background that dates back to 1860, Zalamito bakery began when its founder Mohammad Zalamito created an Arabian pastry, “Mutabak,” which led him to build a small bakery in Jerusalem. Its consistency in quality, handmade products, and exceptional service continues to build a formidable reputation even after 150 years.

With a clear emphasis on originality and fresh taste, Zalamito produces a handful of luxurious sweets like Kol Wish-Kor, Baklava, Burma, and Barazek while maintaining genuine Mediterranean ingredients and flavors. Initially, it came into the public eye due to its flaky phyllo dough. However, its light and flavorful Maamoul became the ultimate showcase. The Zalatimo Brothers Maamoul Shortbread Cookies are a perfect combination of a light, delicate dough with exquisite and flavorful stuffing. These delicious shortbread cookies are created with semolina and butter pastry, beautifully wrapped around pistachios or dates fillings that definitely breathe life into this treat. This 2.2 pounds of freshly baked Maamoul with no artificial ingredients is a perfect snack enhancement for your afternoon tea.

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This premium Maamoul cookie box holds an arrangement of three fillings, specially handcrafted with Zalamito’s heirloom family recipe with Arabian flavors. Then, it is delivered to your doorstep in a well-designed round tin box within the allotted time that is perfect for gifting to your loved ones on special occasions.

Its delicate shortbread pastry made with rich butter, natural sweeteners, and lots of homemade love is the primary reason that catapulted Zalamito’s Maamoul as one of the supreme sweets among their ardent customers. Its perfect packaging and fragrance attract the customer even before opening the box. These fresh Maamoul cookies are an excellent blend of Mediterranean flavors that make customers order more.

Best Maamoul by Al Bohsali

Maamoul is one of the most intricate Middle Eastern sweets uniquely crafted by hand or molded in different shapes with a precision that requires authentic recipes to be perfect. Al Bohsali is the most celebrated factory with an old family secret recipe for Maamoul. Founded in 1870 by Chef “Pâtissier” Saaddine Bohsali, Al Bohsali is the oldest and most distinguished Mediterranean bakery as it was the first sweet factory established in Lebanon. Al Bohsali holds the esteemed reputation as a top-notch expert in baking pastries derived from over century-old family recipes handed down from generations that created these delightful pastries filled with traditional flavors and passion.

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Al Bohsali’s pistachio Maamoul is one of the iconic sweets packed with the essence created by the Bohsali ancestors that once was admired by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire and the Pasha of Egypt. Traditionally rolled dough use semolina to create the light and airy shortbread cookie filled with pistachios with no synthetic flavors or colors. This 4-pound genuine Middle Eastern-flavored Maamoul exudes a hint of fresh and uplifting fragrance due to the infusion of orange blossom and rosewater with the filling. This product consists of 24 pieces perfected to its core that make their way from Bohsali’s kitchen to your doorstep.

The freshly baked Maamoul is packed individually to preserve the authentic flavor in each little pocket that pleasantly overwhelms the customers with every bite.

The infused rosewater scent is one of the star elements that endeared the product to its customers. The rich buttery pastry with stuffed pistachios provides a perfect blend of Lebanese flavor that compels customers to always order another batch.

Best Maamoul by Halwani Bros

With a complex recipe to follow, Maamoul is a delicately complex sweet to master with special ingredients. One of the renowned companies known for its minimalism and simplicity with a wide range of products is the Halwani Bros Company. Initially, as a small-scale business, Halwani Bros was founded in 1950 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the production of their most leading product, “Halawa Tahinia,” which eventually made the company one of the most prominent Saudi businesses. With 100% natural ingredients, Halwani Bros are renowned due to their premium quality with consistently pleasant flavors.

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Keeping in mind the discerning superior Middle Eastern tastes, Halwani Bros produces delicate and naturally delicious Maamoul with variations that make it the leading company among its customers. The variety of Maamoul offered by Halwani Bros uses only five naturally harvested and minimally managed ingredients that combine to create a perfect buttery and scrumptiously light Maamoul. With the original recipe passed from the deep-rooted ancestors of their family in the Middle East, Halwani Bros offers traditional Maamoul, Wheat Maamoul, and Maamoul fingers. Buttery shortbread in different shapes flawlessly paired with rich and luscious Saudi dates with no artificial preservatives or extra calories, Halwani Bros Maamoul is exquisitely delicious.

Halwani Bros also provides customers with different sizes of Maamoul boxes containing 12, 16, or 20 separately packed cookies. It also offers Maamoul fingers as shortbread baked in biscotti style with a low-calorie rate making it a perfect snack. It offers customers a combination of thick and crispy cookies and sticky and gooey date filling, packed in small individual packets.

How to Make Maamoul at Home?

Similar to its complex blend of textures and flavors, Maamoul holds an intricate recipe. It is a meticulous and delicate process, required to be followed diligently from the smoothness of the dough to the consistency of the filling. The best way to bake Maamoul at home is to follow recipes from Lebanese cookbooks that provide insights into the correct Middle Eastern ingredients and tastes to attain the desired flavors. These cookbooks help readers understand the simple and tricky portions of the recipes with convenient techniques and visual representations of the recipes that make cooking effortless for beginners. With diverse styles and methods, these cookbooks are filled with Mediterranean meals and desserts that are easy to follow and create at home.

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