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Best Middle Eastern Falafel Mixes

Whoever said being a vegetarian means you have to eat boring food? Just one bite of an authentic Middle Eastern falafel will surprise your taste buds with the crunchy nutrition of veggies and the glorious burst of flavor of various delicious spices.

Falafel being the heart and soul of Middle Eastern cuisine has taken the global food culture by storm. From its humble beginnings as a street food item to becoming every Middle Eastern restaurant’s specialty, it is surprising to witness the meteoric rise of the falafel.

Many people are in doubt of the importance of the falafel due to its reputation as an unhealthy, oil-drenched edible item. However, falafel lovers can now breathe a sigh of relief as modern research shows that this dish is filled with notable nutrients and health benefits.

Primarily, the falafel acts as a vital source of plant-based protein and fiber. These two ingredients work effectively together to ensure the consumer feels full and satisfied. Additionally, the key ingredient of falafel is chickpea fiber, which helps control blood sugar levels, enhance bowel health, and reduce the chances of being inflicted with heart diseases and colon cancer.

We have fantastic news for all the food lovers. Now, you can enjoy this delicacy at home without going through the hassle of ordering from a Middle Eastern restaurant (if you live near one that is) by using the following best Middle Eastern falafel mixes:

Ziyad Middle Eastern Falafel Mix

The Ziyad Brothers have become a famous name in every household because of their high quality and authentic Middle Eastern products.

For fifty years, the founders behind this venture have dedicated their efforts to bring more than 1,500 products of the most authentic Middle Eastern items to your table. All the products by the Ziyad Brothers are exceptional in taste and quality. However, their Falafel Mix is their best-selling item.

The Falafel Mix by the Ziyad Brothers derives its flavors from a blend of ground chickpeas, fava beans, spice blend, minced onion, garlic, baking soda, salt, and sesame seeds.

Where to Buy

Amazon (affiliate link)

This authentic mix is a delicious treat for health-conscious food connoisseurs since it is gluten-free, egg-free, choleste

rol-free, and dairy-free, which means you can indulge without feeling guilty about any extra calories.

All the ingredients of this mix are organic. Thus, these bite-size fried delights are free of harmful preservatives.

Customers are fans of the simple preparation process of this mix. Simply by adding the right amount of water, the batter is ready to be fried or baked.

You can serve falafel with every type of dish, and the unique Middle Eastern spices will transform and enhance the flavor of your dish.

The flavors of the Ziyad Falafel Mix are closer to an authentic Egyptian falafel which makes it spicier and better than other products.

Osem Middle Eastern Falafel Mix

The Osem group is internationally recognized as a leading Israeli food business. In addition, it is famous for producing various edible items according to the Laws of Kashrut.

This company has been operating for thirteen years under the supervision of Rabbi Yakhov Moshe Harlan. By consistently following the Kashrut laws in the manufacturing procedures, the Osem Group has succeeded in serving Kashrut-observant Jews with delicious treats. This Falafel Mix tastes better than any commercial falafel because it has been prepared with the best quality of ingredients that intensify its overall flavor and quality.

The main ingredients of the Osem Falafel Mix include grounded chickpeas (hummus), wheat flour (contains gluten), spices, salt, leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, sodium pyrophosphate, tricalcium phosphate).

Where to Buy

Amazon (affilate link)

Additionally, this mix has been kept free from all preservatives and food coloring so that customers can enjoy the original and mouth-watering taste of falafel in every single bite.

This Israeli-style Falafel Mix is praised by users for its long shelf life and versatility, which makes it perfect for amplifying the taste of multiple dishes.

Al Wadi Middle Eastern Falafel Mix

One of the most significant producers of Lebanese cuisine has been Al Wadi. The history of this successful company goes back to 1972 when it was started by Bechara Obegi and Frank Farage. Initially, Al Wadi began its production process by manufacturing three staples of Lebanese cuisine, such as Hummus Tahina, Foul Moudammas, and Chickpeas.

Currently, Al Wadi has expanded its expertise by creating 200 products in 15 food categories. The Lebanese-style Falafel mix by Al Wadi has become their most in-demand product.

This falafel mix is packed with countless flavors. It has combined high-quality ingredients, such as fava beans, chickpeas, spices (coriander, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper), leavening (baking soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate), salt, onion powder, and garlic powder.

Where to Buy

Amazon (affiliate link)

Luckily, this vegan-friendly and gluten-free Falafel Mix has proven to be a valuable addition for health-conscious eaters. Furthermore, this mix has won hearts and praises worldwide because of its affordability and ease of use.

Tazah Middle Eastern Falafel Mix

Tazah’s Falafel Mix has become one of the most sought-after food items by countless vegetarian and non-vegetarian food enthusiasts.

The original flavor in this mix has been created by following the most authentic falafel recipe. The primary ingredients used to create this mix are chickpeas, fava beans, coriander, onion, garlic, salt, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, spices, and disodium dihydrogen.

Keep in mind, preparing the falafel batter with this mix is pretty straightforward as you simply add water, mix, and fry or bake it. The texture of this mix is slightly different from other mixes. However, that does not affect its flavor and taste quality.

Where to Buy

Amazon (affiliate link)

For most customers, this nutritious mix of only $9 is a must-have. Its user-friendly cooking process has made it an essential cooking item for beginner cooks. Within minutes, you can prepare and cook Tazah Falafel and pamper yourself and your loved ones with delicious Middle Eastern treats.

Final Thoughts

We are sure that the Falafel mixes, as mentioned above, will instantly satisfy all your cravings. The key elements of all these instant mixes are that they are easy-to-make, nutritious, and filled with diverse flavors.

If you are in search of culinary guilty pleasures, then avail of these Falafel mixes and treat yourself and your loved ones to the best Middle Eastern falafel at home.

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