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Best Middle Eastern Snack Boxes with Delivery

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Snack box delivery is a new development in the world of snacks with boxes full of treats from all around the world, delivered right to your home. These boxes are a complete mix of sweet and savory treats with unique and traditional flavors from each country and Middle Eastern flavors are no exception.

Snack box delivery is perfect for an evening with friends or a gift to your loved ones. It includes products from famous brands in various mid-east countries such as Ülker and Eti from Turkey, Osem from Israel, Nutru from UAE, and many more. Here are some of the Best Middle Eastern snack boxes available with delivery services we’ve gathered for you!


Maxi Premium International snack pack is the ultimate International snack box assortment from a Turkish company in Izmir called Turkish Munchies by Muekzoin. This package is bursting with mouthwatering Turkish treats that will let you experience Turkish spices and sweets. It is an international snack pack that includes premium gourmet treats considered the best flavors of Turkey. This 7.87 x 5.91 x 5.91-inch box is one of the best Middle Eastern snack boxes with snacks from the traditional Mideast country of Turkey with treats straight from Turkish streets. It holds complimentary snacks with a blend of flavors that is perfect for a seeker of new tastes.

This snack box is a perfect way to have a break from your usual appetizers and enjoy a bunch of new flavored snacks from an entirely different country. The items in this box are always fresh as they are frequently restocked with new snacks each time. The benefit of this snack box is that it collects all snacks from leading brands in turkey and delivers them to your threshold so that you can indulge in unique savors. Some of the brands included in this box are Ulker, Dankek, and many more.

This box has a cutesy design with a weight of just 1.87 pounds that can be a perfect gift to your loved ones. With most craved snacks, this variety snack pack serves normal-sized treats so that everyone can have their part. This Maxi Premium International Snacks Variety Pack looks like a unique little box from the outside but has a burst of new flavored products inside that can be enjoyed with hot or cold brews. With a total of 20 snacks, this variety snack box also contains a pamphlet with names and stories of each snack and informative details about their ingredients so that people can skip snacks with allergens.


by World Wide Treats

One of the best snack boxes with snacks straight from Middle Eastern cities is The Middle Eastern Snack Mix, offered by the renowned shop World Wide Treats operated from the USA. With a 10 x 5 x 5 inches box, this Middle Eastern snack mix is the ultimate snack pack that will send your taste buds on the incredible journey of traditional Middle Eastern flavors and aromas. This box of snacks is jam-packed with a variety of snacks from all around the Middle Eastern countries that includes Turkey, UAE, Oman, and many more. This 2.43-pound box of treats and snacks lets you experience new flavors from different cultures in your own house.

The best part about this snack box is that it gathers all the authentic Middle Eastern treats guaranteed to be created in the Middle Eastern Country with their traditional flavors and delivers them right to your doorstep. Each box contains eight unique products that provide a genuine mid-eastern taste. This package comprises a perfect combination of sweet and savory snacks that include candies, cookies, Biscuits, Gummies, and many other items, giving you contrasts of mid-east flavors. Some of the products included are from major brands in Middle Eastern countries such as Israel, Turkey, and UAE. These products are Nutro cream wafers, Kadem tea biscuits, Bissli falafel, etc.

WorldWide treats change the snacks in their Middle Eastern box package every month for people to have an assortment of products with different flavors enriched with Middle Eastern spices. This box with a collection of middle-east biscuits and wafers can also be a unique gift to your loved ones for any occasion or can be just a party snack box on birthdays or fun family nights with snacks that no one tasted before. It also comes with a customization option to personalize them with your requested designs to make them more suitable for the occasion. This package is an incredible International snack box assortment that comes with a blend of sweet and savory Middle Eastern snacks.


Another finest international snack assortment is the Turkish Junk food Snack box, offered by the company with the same name. This classic snack variety box comes with 24 nutritious and scrumptious Turkish treats, carefully selected and created with authentic Turkish flavors and packaged individually for snack lovers to enjoy. It holds a combination of sweet and savory snacks that gives a burst of unique Middle Eastern flavors to every individual snack. This snack box is perfect for every generation as it provides a hint of flavors that are different from your usual tea-time snacks. Some of the snacks included are Ulker crackers and chocolate, Eksi candies, Eti chips, small cakes, and many other famous Turkish treats.

This snack variety box has a heat-insulated box that protects the products inside with an aesthetic design. Every snack in the box is fresh and healthy as it is restocked every month and comes in an extra care package with heat protection. Along with its guaranteed authentic flavors, this variety snack crate also has a beautiful design that makes it the ultimate gift box for every occasion. This snack pack is delivered right to your house so that you can enjoy new flavors in a homely environment.

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