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Best Tabbouleh Salad Brands Online!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

There is nothing better than an opportunity to gather with family and friends on a gloriously warm day, to share in good company and a tasty Middle Eastern-inspired feast. The infamous tabbouleh is an appetizer, a salad or part of a mezze.

The fresh and wholesome ingredients are welcomed by most palates, ensuring a flavorsome eating experience. The best tabbouleh is prepared and enjoyed in a variety of ways. Let's embark on an expedition of this traditional Lebanese dish!

Brands we'll be talking about:

What are the Origins of Tabbouleh?

Lebanon Mountains

The picturesque mountains of Syria and Lebanon ascribe to the origins of tabbouleh. The abundance of fresh herbs growing on the mountainsides makes up the bulk of this dish. The Arabic word "taabil", meaning "to season", is how tabbouleh obtained its name.

Certainly, tabbouleh has evolved over the years yet never strayed far from its roots. The popularity of this classic dish is so vast that it has earned its very own National Tabbouleh Day, celebrated annually in Lebanon. Wow, what a reputation to obtain!

Best Taboulie Salad Brands You Can Find Online

The spelling of taboulie varies from brand to brand. Equally, the amount of each ingredient is wide-ranging from palate to palate. For example, you may like a bit of extra lemon (maybe lime) or an added handful of parsley? Either way, one cannot argue the health benefits of taboulie are fantastic. The essential ingredients are:

  • Plenty of fresh parsley

  • Bulger

  • Diced cucumber and tomato

  • Onion or green onion

  • Olive oil (Best Lebanese Olive Oil Brands)

  • Lemon or lime juice

  • Salt and spices to taste

Although there are not a lot of brands available online, let's dip into some of the best taboulie brands available.


Cedars Taboule Salad

Where passion for Mediterranean cuisine meets tradition, you are sure to enjoy an authentic product. Cedar's generations-old family recipe uses all-natural and fresh ingredients. When you spoil yourself with a tub of their delicious taboule salad, you can expect a burst of garden-fresh flavor. They engage actively with the local community in Massachusetts. By doing so, the awareness and accessibility to healthy food options can become a reality for many.

Product Description

Cedar's taboule is the ideal mix of all essential ingredients. The bulger provides just the right amount of "crunch" to set off all their product's delicious flavors. With every mouthful, your tastebuds will savor the crisp cucumber and parsley alongside the softer texture of tomatoes. For those with a zesty lemon palate, add a touch of lemon juice for the ultimate best taboulie salad or healthy snack.

Where to buy: (Affiliate Link)


Good Neighbors Tabouli Salad

(Mild Flavors)

One thing is sure; the result is spectacular when the community and friends put their unique talents together. The team at Good Neighbors has done precisely that. Three diverse personality types with a passion for freshly grown and healthy food have created authentic and delicious Middle Eastern products.

Truly tasting natural food flavors is a high priority. For this reason, they avoid artificial preservatives and value the organic way of preserving using lemons. To this day, their passion is continual and evident in their scrumptious offerings.

Where to buy: (Affiliate Link)

Product Description

Good Neighbors tabouli is bursting with pure farm flavors. There is a generous amount of bulger combined with the crisp texture of cucumber and parsley paired with juicy tomatoes. In addition, there is less added oil, making it an excellent choice for those requiring a low oil diet—a super salad for healthy on-the-go lunches and side dishes.


Joseph's Taboule Salad

(Robust Flavors) A YallaBoston Favorite!

The Hanna family has brought three generations of rich Lebanese tradition to the United States. Indeed, a family firm in their roots and a love for sharing knowledge with all craving authentic Middle Eastern flavors. A true testament to the origins of tabbouleh! Joseph's Foods brings a delightful story from humble beginnings in the lush mountains of Lebanon to your dinner table.

Product Description

If you prefer your taboule with an abundance of parsley, Joseph's is the one for you! You can taste the added sun-ripened tomatoes, crispy cucumber with the delicate crunch of bulger, and a lemon zing - finally, touches of olive oil and essential spices. A terrific salad to get those "greens" into your daily diet.


What Are the Health Benefits of Tabbouleh?

Tabbouleh is by far one of the most nutritious dishes out there. Your immune system will welcome a wholesome boost when eaten in the right quantities. Let's break down some of the ingredients:

  • Bulger – is rich in fiber and iron and a massive contributor to excellent digestive health.

  • Parsley – is exceptionally high in vitamin C, A, B12, and K. All significant immune boosters

  • Garden-fresh onion, tomato, and cucumber have stand-alone qualities, increasing your energy levels.

Furthermore, it helps with metabolism and collagen formation in your blood vessels. Clearly, tabbouleh is an excellent food choice. What better way to tantalize your tastebuds and nurture your body's health?

On the whole, whichever way you spell or enjoy your best tabbouleh, be prepared for a generations-old tasty and healthy sensation!

YallaBoston Tabbouleh Tip: pair up with hummus (best hummus brands online) and freshly baked pita (best pita bread brands) for a mouthwatering lunch.

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