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Instant Turkish Coffee K-Cup Pods by Levant Blends!

About Levant Blends

Situated in Los Angeles, California, Levant Blends is a new coffee brand, and one of the only ones that offer instant Turkish coffee that is compatible with K-Cup brewing machines. Their recipe for success includes engaging with the local Middle Eastern communities and acquiring their feedback on the variety of blends and flavors offered.

A fun fact is that this company's story establishment was initiated in its own backyard. When the individuals behind the company were served the coveted Turkish coffee by their grandmother during one of the family get-togethers, a friend of theirs encouraged them to make coffee in a K-Cup. This thought led to the establishment of the company that we know today. When the company was first created, it solely produced three products Cardamom Tea, Cardamom Coffee, and Turkish Coffee. But now, the company is responsible for the production of six coffee blends.

What makes this company's coffee unique? They pack three times the amount of ingredients than any other coffee pod, which aids in providing a rich and authentic Turkish coffee taste.

What Are People Saying?

Many individuals who tasted their coffee blends loved it. One customer pointed out that their Turkish coffee is the most authentic Turkish coffee he ever tasted. Cardamom's inclusion and how it leaves sufficient grounds at the bottom of the cup further added to the charm of the coffee. He also incorporated how well-balanced and smooth the coffee was.

Another individual who lived in the Middle East for several years confirmed that their coffee surpassed the heights of authenticity, specifically as a k-cup, and is the real deal. She commented that one sip of the coffee took her back to the golden days of when she used to drink coffee in the Middle East. She remarked that the smell of the coffee was “as authentic as it gets.”

Another observation was that when the coffee was brewed from k-cups, it looked like what one that they would get from a Turkish coffee house.


ChaldoCup Turkish Coffee Medium-Dark Roast


Explicitly produced to deliver the taste of traditional Middle Eastern Ibrik Coffee Brew, this ChaldoCup Turkish Coffee (Medium Dark Roast Coffee) features unique Turkish coffee ingredients to provide the most authentic Middle Eastern-esque coffee.

Featuring handpicked flavors of Cardamom and spices of authentic Turkish Dark Roast Coffee, this coffee blend assures that its end product contains grounds like a traditional coffee does. This Gourmet medium-dark roast coffee blend is bound to impress family and friends as it is tested, developed, and roasted in the company’s California manufacturing facility. This product is designed for use with almost all single-serve coffee makers and Keurig K-Cup brewers.

How to Purchase

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Levant Blends Turkish Coffee Medium-Dark Roast (K-Cups)

This Levant Blends Turkish Coffee is guaranteed to give you a unique Turkish Coffee taste.

Incorporating ingredients that give off an authentic Turkish coffee taste, this Turkish coffee blend features flavors of Turkish coffee grounds and spices of authentic Turkish dark roast coffee. As with the traditional Turkish coffee, this pod is developed to settle the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. The inclusion of high-quality Arabica Coffee enables this variant of Levant Blends Turkish Coffee to stand out from the rest. To ensure an excellent Turkish coffee experience, the pods suppress the use of a filter.

How to Purchase

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Does it Really Taste Like Traditional Turkish Coffee?

Individuals who tried out the various flavored coffee of this company seconded that it really did taste like traditional Turkish coffee. At first, they were wary; for example, one person wondered how Turkish coffee could be prepared via a Keurig. But, much to that person’s delight, it tasted the same as traditionally brewed Turkish coffee would. Its texture was much smoother than expected. Native Turkish individuals who drank this coffee ensured that its taste is quite authentic.

Levant Blends is the go-to brand if you want to purchase authentic Turkish coffee-flavored coffee that you can brew on the go. Their products will provide you with the authentic Middle Eastern vibe, as promised.

We would love to know what your thoughts are after trying for yourself. Please come back and let us know in the comments below!

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