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Saki Turkish Coffee Maker Review

It is no secret that Turkish Coffee is one of the finest in the world! The distinct aroma is synonymous in many Middle Eastern households, coffee shops, and restaurants. Millions of people begin and make their way through the day with Coffee. I cannot imagine a day without my "rise and shine" booster to get me started. At the same time, we all have our coffee preferences and way of savoring this renowned beverage. Few can compare to the rich flavor of Turkish Coffee made just the way you like it.

Undoubtedly, the evolvement of coffee preparation is evident as more and more coffee machines become available in our marketplace. The Saki Turkish Coffee Maker is no exception.

I have had the privilege of using this incredible machine, which has exceeded my expectations. All the vital features needed to make an exceptional cup of Turkish Coffee are there, including a 4-cup capacity and single button control, to name a few. So, grab your Cuppa Joe while I walk you through some of the Saki Turkish Coffee Maker Features!

Top Product Features

The Saki Turkish Coffee Maker has taken ancient Turkish coffee brewing tradition and put it into a modern, compact, and lightweight machine. Its ideal size fits comfortably in even the smallest kitchen spaces and is one of my favorite aspects of the design. Did I mention it’s easy to take with you when visiting family, friends or even to the office?

Certainly, the traditional long-brewing method of using an Ibrik is considered the best way to extract a full-bodied flavor. However, the brewing time of the Saki Turkish Coffee Maker is comparatively shorter and yields virtually the same results. In about 2 – 3 minutes, your cup of sanity is ready! Let's take an in-depth look at the top Saki Coffee Maker Features.

Anti-Spill Technology

Who doesn’t love the invigorating aroma of Turkish coffee? However, the smell of burnt coffee from any accidental overflow; not so much. To mitigate that issue, I was impressed with the intelligent sensor on the Saki Turkish Coffee Maker as it detects the temperature to provide an anti-spill feature that automatically shuts down the machine before any coffee can overflow. Granted, this didn’t happen to me when using this machine, but in contrast, I have boiled over Turkish coffee many times when brewing the traditional way. Now I can put my coffee on and grab a treat while waiting until I hear the beep.

Ember-Cooking Function

If you enjoy the foam on your coffee, this is a fantastic Saki Turkish Coffee Maker Feature. The foam is the finishing touch to Turkish coffee and is something that is “graded” by those in Middle Eastern culture. The ember-cooking function apparently doubles the foam and matches the bold bittersweet taste if brewed on sand or ember. Although I’m not a Turkish coffee connoisseur, I can certainly say that there was a nice thin layer of foam on top.

I also took the liberty of using the ember function to re-heat some of the Turkish coffee that remained in the pot. It worked like a charm!

Cook-Sense Technology

The Cook-Sense Technology feature ensures consistency and superb taste by brewing at the right temperature every time. As a result of this advanced technology, the frothing ceases when your coffee has some amount of foam, although this isn’t something you can adjust.

Although subtle, I noticed the consistency when brewing.

Final Thoughts

Using this coffee maker takes me back to when my father would brew his own rich and bold Turkish coffee the traditional way with an ibrik for the family every morning, evening, and multiple times in-between. After using my father’s favorite brand of finely ground Turkish coffee, I think I’d win his approval. Although the traditional brewing techniques I learned from him and other relatives are still enjoyable and nostalgic, it’s time for a new tradition that can be found with Saki’s Turkish Coffee Maker - creating an excellent cup of Turkish coffee in rapid time, every time.

Where to Buy?

  • Saki's Website

  • 10% off your purchase if you're a new customer (while their offer lasts).

  • Free Shipping

  • 1-year warranty

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How to Use Saki Turkish Coffee Maker

The Saki Turkish Coffee Maker is attractive and expertly designed, making it an excellent machine choice for coffee lovers everywhere. I encourage you to thoroughly read the easy-to-follow instructions and care guidelines to maximize the machine's longevity.

For your convenience, here is a summary of how to use your Saki Turkish Coffee Maker most effectively:

  • Ground your coffee beans extremely fine. By doing so, the flavor will balance, and the foam will be decadent.

  • Follow the coffee-to-water ratio chart carefully.

  • Remember to take the brewing pot out from its cradle.

  • Stir the mixture of coffee, sugar, and water thoroughly.

  • Place the brewing pot back into the cradle and select the number of cups you want to make based on your chosen coffee-to-water ratio.

  • Keep an ear for the beep. Then sit back and savor your cup of delicious Turkish coffee!

There you have it! A swift and straightforward process. You cannot go wrong with this nifty coffee machine.

Have you tried the Saki Turkish Coffee Machine? If so, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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