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The Best Lebanese Cookbooks in English!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

If you are intrigued about learning about how to make traditional Lebanese cuisine, then look no further. Here are the best Lebanese cookbooks that you can find on Amazon (affiliate links below) that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

In this article, I'll be showcasing nine popular and highly rated Lebanese cookbooks. You can read more about each author and their books below, as well as watch some of the introductory videos that some of them provide.

  1. Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen by Julie Ann Sageer

  2. The Lebanese Kitchen by Tarik Fallous

  3. Classic Lebanese Cuisine by Kamal Al-Faqih

  4. Taste of Lebanon by Mary Salloum

  5. The Lebanese Cookbook by Salma Hage

  6. A Lebanese Feast by Mona Hamadeh

  7. Lebanese Home Cooking by Kamal Mouzawak

  8. Kibbee 'N' Spice and Everything Nice by Janet Klush

  9. Taste of Beirut by Joumana Accad

Yalla, let's get started!


Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen

By Julie Ann Sageer (2017)

At the young age of six, Julie Ann Sageer decided to explore her love for Lebanese food. Little did Julie know that one day her passion for cooking Lebanese food would turn her into a host of an Emmy nominated cooking show, "Cooking with Julie Taboulie!" The desire to preserve and promote Lebanese cooking tradition eventually made her a writer and author of this cult favorite Lebanese cookbook.

This book has 125 recipes and it also contains helpful tips and tricks which have made Lebanese cooking simpler and easier for beginners and experts. Starting from classic recipes to main course dishes and mouth-watering desserts, you can find every recipe in this single book. The wide appeal of this book is fascinating as it has recipes for meat lovers, vegan, and health-conscious eaters.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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This book is filled with easy-to-follow recipes and visually stimulating pictures of multiple dishes. Users are especially captivated by the nostalgic organic and authentic touch that has been maintained in every single recipe. The various cooking options and techniques that this book offers have made it a holy grail for every Lebanese and non-Lebanese household.


My Lebanese Cookbook

By Chef Tarik Fallous (2020)

Chef Tarik left no stone unturned in reviving the charm of Lebanese cuisine in this modern Era. His famous restaurant in New York stands as a reflection of his commitment and passion for Lebanese cuisine. In order to simplify this rich cuisine and to make it more accessible, Chef Tarik took matters into his own hands and penned down the easiest recipes, cooking hacks, and tips in this book.

You will find 80 easy recipes in this book. The best feature of this book is that it focuses on the use of simple ingredients with handy techniques so that readers can create the best tasting Lebanese dishes. Moreover, chef Tarik educates readers by introducing to them the essential and staple items of Lebanese cuisine. This book has recipes of hearty main course recipes, healthy snacks, delicious sweets, and desserts. Lastly, you get four perfectly designed menus by the chef himself so that you can understand the skill of harmoniously arranging and preparing this cuisine.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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This book is a favorite of every serious foodie because all the included recipes are simple to understand and easy to make. Buying this book means that you will be able to utilize the most basic of ingredients and create culinary masterpieces. Each recipe is paired with mouthwatering pictures which make this book all the more appealing for users.


Classic Lebanese Cuisine

By Kamal Al-Faqih (2009)

Chef Kamal is considered to be a master of his field as he has greatly influenced Lebanese cuisine with modern ideas, healthier recipes, and easier techniques. According to Chef Kamal, his love for Lebanese food started from childhood where he observed and learned this skill from his family members. Over time, his dedication and commitment to this field eventually opened doors of valuable career opportunities for him and he had the honor of serving multiple celebrities, politicians, etc. Not only this, but he also mentored several young cooks along the way and did not hesitate in sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world.

In 2009, Kamal was able to achieve another milestone in his career as his first cookbook Classic Lebanese Cuisine was finally published. This book is widely famous for the depth of knowledge it offers in the form of 170 recipes. Whether it is a savory dish or a sweet one, you will find everything you need in this book.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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Many have praised the efforts of Chef Kamal for presenting recipes that are easy to understand, simple to make, and absolutely delicious. The suggested menus further help readers with preparing a full-fledged, authentic Mediterranean meal. The additional hacks and tips added to this book are a definite help for people who wish to make good quality food but in an easier way.


Taste of Lebanon

By Mary Salloum (2020)

A Taste of Lebanon is one handy cookbook that introduces foreign readers to a unique combination of quality Lebanese recipes and useful techniques. This book written by Mary Salloum is filled with high-quality content. More than 200 recipes belonging to the rich Lebanese cuisine have been added in this book so that readers can fully learn the art and skill needed to prepare Lebanese food.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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This book is classified as the best cooking guide for beginners as it has easy-to-follow recipes with simplistic methods for making delicious food. A majority of readers have praised this book for the valuable knowledge and information that it contains.


The Lebanese Cookbook

By Salma Hage (2019)

Learning and understanding Lebanese cuisine has become a whole lot easier with The Lebanese Cookbook written by Salma Hage. Salma Hage belongs to the northern part of Lebanon and has 50 years’ experience in cooking and preparing Mediterranean meals. Her cooking skills and expertise have been recognized internationally as she is the winner of the James Beard Award.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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This book has special authentic recipes for various appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, and drinks. In order to make this book appeal to a wider range of audience, the author has also included vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes.

All the recipes in this book are super easy to prepare. The vibrant colorful pictures of various recipes along with simple methods have made this book a favorite of every reader.

Here's a brief introduction to the book, The Lebanese Kitchen, by none other than Salma Hage:


A Lebanese Feast

By Mona Hamadeh (2016)

If you think that Lebanese food is all about meat, poultry and fish dishes-then think again. A Lebanese Feast is one cookbook that will let you explore and learn more about the healthier properties of Lebanese cuisine. The main idea of these books is to introduce readers to northern and southern traditional dishes of the Mediterranean coast. All the recipes included in this book focus on how to use basic ingredients effectively in order to prepare a rich, delicious Lebanese meal.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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As a vegan-friendly book, it has managed to impress readers with its fresh take on dishes of lentils and vegetables. Readers across the globe have made this book their favorite guide for starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Lebanese Home Cooking

By Kamal Mouzawak (2015)

Lebanese Home Cooking is one cookbook that will introduce you to the secrets of Lebanese cooking that have been passed on from one generation to another. What could more prove the credibility of this book other than the fact that it has been written by the chef and creator of the first farmer market Kamal Mouzawak. Kamal Mouzawak has proved himself to be a talented individual as his Lebanese restaurant Tawlet has been named as the 8th best restaurant according to Monocle restaurant awards.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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This book consists of 50 recipes that will let you prepare every sort of dish with ease and convenience. Most of the recipes of this book are vegetarian. Serious foodies and ambitious chefs have made this book their most favorite because of its countless versatile, easy, and delicious recipes.


Kibbee 'N' Spice and Everything Nice

By Janet Klush (1999)

Kibbee N Spice and Everything Nice is a celebration of love for Lebanese food by its renowned author, Janet Klush. Born to a Lebanese family in Michigan-Janet decided to stay in touch with her eastern roots by learning extensively about Lebanese food. The well-explained recipes, simplistic methods, and ‘too good to be true’ pictures make this book a delightful read for every cook.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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The majority of the readers have been impressed with the variety of recipes this book offers. The promising results that every recipe delivers have turned this book into a ‘must-have’ guide for hosting family gatherings and events.


Taste of Beirut

By Joumana Accad (2014)

Taste of Beirut is a book of labor and love for authentic Lebanese food, it is written by Joumana Accad. Joumana has managed to establish herself as a strong influence in the culinary field with her famous blog, As a multi-talented individual, Joumana also holds the qualifications of being a trained pastry chef and professional caterer. Joumana’s passion to share and educate became the driving force behind the formation of this famous cookbook.

How to Purchase Your Copy

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More than 175 recipes have been included in this book, which means that you can take full benefit from its quality content. The best and easiest recipes for Lebanese appetizers, drinks, salads, main course meals, and desserts have been compiled together in this book to make it a wholesome guide for perfecting Lebanese cuisine.


The above-mentioned books are no less than an encyclopedia for learning about Lebanese cuisine unless you are one of the lucky ones to have your sito (grandmother) around. Because Lebanese food is enriched with a variety of spices and ingredients, it can be intimidating to some, but with the help of these books, you are sure to find the guidance you need. Yalla, enjoy the unforgettable taste of authentic Lebanese cooking!

We would love to know your favorite Lebanese cookbook. Let us know in the comments below!

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