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The Many Benefits of Middle Eastern Olive Oil Soap, and Brands You Can Find Online

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians and the Grecians, olive oil has been used not only for consumption, but for cosmetic and religious purposes.

In this article, topics such as olive oil soap benefits, comparison to regular bar soap, and some of the best Middle Eastern brand olive oil soaps you can find online will be discussed.

How Does Olive Oil Soap Benefit Your Skin?

These natural soaps are made with an olive oil base that provides balance in maintaining your skin’s natural oils. These soaps do not include any harmful detergents or artificial fragrances that are commonly found in most soap bars.

The effects of using olive oil soap is known to help naturally moisturize and nourish your skin. It is also used as a body oil and for hair treatments as well.

Compared to regular soap, olive oil soap is considered to be more mild, and it has a lower pH than regular soap. Due to these simple characteristics, olive oil soap is known to be gentler on your skin versus regular leading brands of commercial soaps.

Olive oil has been used as a beauty product for centuries, and history is repeating itself with modern day consumers reverting back to traditional olive oil soap for their skin. Comparing it to normal soap bars found in the market, olive oil soap retains the balance of oils found on our skin.

Olive oil soap does not have any harmful properties due to its natural ingredients, and it is known to be beneficial for any kind of skin, even those with sensitive skin, and even for babies. It is rich in anti-oxidants and helps to reverse the oxidation process on our skin. Breakouts can be considerably lessened and skin irritations may stop occurring with the use of olive oil soap. Another benefit is that olive oil soap consists of Vitamin A, E, and K - all great for moisturizing properties.

How Does Olive Oil Soap Compare to Regular Bar Soap?

Generally speaking, one could make the assumption that those who use commercial soap bars are totally oblivious to the negative side effects these soaps can have on the body.

One of these side effects is dry skin. Regular soaps often consist of a higher pH level. Although this greatly helps remove the bacteria from our skin, the downside is that it causes the skin to dry up, which ultimately leads to cracked, rough, and itchy skin.

Regular soap may also remove the essential oils from our skin. These essential oils are necessary for our skin to thrive without the issues described above. Depleting our skin of these natural essential oils can leave our skin feeling dry.

Side Effects of Regular Bar Soaps and Anti-Bacterial Soaps

  • Regular anti-bacterial soap is known to dry out your skin

  • Dry skin leads to cracked skin and itchy rashes

  • Many contain chemical detergents such as sodium lauroyl isethionate

  • Some of these chemical detergents may be harmful to the environment

Comparison Between Dove Men+ Bar Soap Vs. Olive Oil Soap Brands

To put things in perspective, here is a small list that compares Dove Men+Care soap (that I have used for years) to olive oil soap brands from the Middle East. The table below shows how many ingredients are in each brand. Although I have only compiled three brands, you can quickly see that there are a lot more ingredients in the commercial Dove Men+Care soap than the others.

For more information on each ingredient, a reference link is provided.

Why I transitioned to using olive oil soap

I have used common soaps for years, from Dove to Suave, and even Irish Springs. I typically picked my soap based on price and scent - never thinking about what ingredients are in each bar, or how they deteriorated my skin over time.

As some of you might relate, my hands were always very dry and cracked, but I thought it was only due to the winter months here in the New England. However, this year was the worst, and I was tired of applying lotion to my hands every day, finally wondering if it was due to the soap I've been using.

After recently inquiring about Olive Oil soaps with a friend from Turkey, she mentioned that her family uses the brand, Dalan - which happens to be manufactured in Turkey.

Well, I bought some! Since transitioning to Dalan's olive oil soap, I have to say the severity of my cracked and dry hands has significantly reduced by 80-90% just after the first day of using the product! I was thrilled, and that is why I'm happy to help get the word out for these other great Middle Eastern brands. I wish I had known about olive oil soap a long time ago.

Top Middle Eastern Olive Oil Soaps You Can Find Online

Keeping these factors in mind, take a look at some of the top Middle Eastern olive oils that you can buy online.

Popular brands of Olive Oil soap include Anatolia Daphne which is a Turkish brand. With olives straight from the Mediterranean, this product consists of 100% natural components. Dalan is another Turkish olive oil soap which is 100% natural and has been making hand-made olive oil soap for over 70 years. Here's a few other brands to look into:

Sidyanna Olive Oil Soap (Non-Profit Organization)

Product of Galilee, Israel / Palestine (Since 1996)

Website - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Tripadvisor

The first one is a brand called Sidyanna, which is an Isreali product. Sidyanna is a female led non-profit organization that promotes “Business for Peace” and pushes for fair trade in Israel. All profits from this organization go to the education of Arab women. The product consists of powerful natural ingredients that offer the most luxurious cleansing and will make you a fan of the soap. It also consists of anti-oxidants, providing a full and rich experience resulting in a glowing skin. It also helps exfoliate and cleanse the skin and helps gently removes toxins. The Dead Sea mud bar soap helps you to reduce skin redness and irritation. The soap is handmade and all its ingredients are handpicked. Each herb and leaf was picked based on its healing properties.


Al Jamal Olive Oil Soap

Product of Nablus, Israel / Palestine (Since 1934)

Website - Amazon

Another popular brand you can find online is Al Jamal, by JaNablus. Named after the iconic city Nablus, JaNablus works to keep its heritage and the craft of soap making intact. The recipe is from the 10th century and was homemade by the original Nablus families. The products consist of just three essential ingredients, which are olive oil, water and mineral salts. The olive oil comes from the Holy Land, and is made on the West bank in Nablus.


  • Olive Oil

  • Water

  • Mineral Salts

How Olive Oil Soap is Made at JaNablus


Le Joyau d'Olive Olive Oil Soap

Product of Lebanon

Website - Facebook - Instagram - Buy on Amazon

A great Lebanese product in the market is Le Joyau d'Olive, which translates to The Olive Jewel. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec and imports their soap from Lebanon. The product is perfect for all skin types, including young kids, babies and people with sensitive skin. This olive oil soap helps hydrate the skin and leaves no pores clogged. This factor makes this soap perfect for oily skin or skin with acne. The soap comes with an olive tree embossed on the product and is infused with fragrances, making it a perfect gift.

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Now that you’ve been informed on the many benefits of olive oil based soap, and on the differences between it and regular soap, we hope you household would consist of the best soap for your body, your skin and your health. These natural, plant based soaps feel good on the skin and makes you feel better that you are using GMO free products, that have no negative effects on the environment, and your body. Plant based, rich in Vitamins, perfect for the skin and free of all chemicals, olive oil soap is the best option for you, and for your family.

If you love olive oil soap, you'll love trying these Middle Eastern olive oils from Lebanon to Tunisia and Turkey!

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