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The Most Popular Sites to Meet Middle Eastern and Arab Singles

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

During tough times like these, with a pandemic sweeping through the entire planet, the safest way to meet people and make deeper connections is through online dating. For Middle Eastern men, online dating has been effectively working for many years. Considering that most people from the Middle East are conservative, especially most women, online dating has been helpful to many individuals due to various cultural and religious factors. Thanks to many dating sites and applications, individuals can stay home and triumphantly tackle two issues. They can safely remain at home and follow the COVID-19 standard protocol of social distancing. Also, they can enjoy the comfort of their home while simultaneously interacting with Arab, Lebanese, and Turkish singles.

Although limited, the Middle Eastern crowd on dating apps is usually not as restricted as you might expect. Women with the courage to venture outside their comfort zone and create online dating accounts also have the initiative to complete the process and keep a conversation going successfully. There might not be many people into the dating scene right now, considering the health factors i.e., COVID-19 and its easy transmission, but that is not necessarily a disadvantage. Individuals can use this time to invest in a match on a site and engage in an ongoing conversation to find out more about each other. Online dating would simply build the anticipation and excitement of meeting the person after the pandemic ends.

With the everyday routine of going to work, coming home, and being too tired to go back out again, online dating plays a significant role in helping virtual meetings create meaningful connections in the comfort of their own homes. The everyday hustle and bustle can get too much sometimes, and one may lose the will to go out and socialize due to fatigue. Even if one does power through the tiredness and goes out to meet people, he may not be as lucky as to meet the right person in a single night. Here is where online dating comes in and covers the loopholes in the traditional go-out-and-meet-singles scenario. By allowing you to browse through and select your match, there is no need to expose yourself to the entire process of getting to know someone and coming up with an intelligent conversation on the spot. The following sites bring you the complete package of modern-day dating right to your phones or computers.



Free Plan to $12.50/month

The site is meant for all international love seekers. Just like the name suggests, InternationalCupid connects individuals abroad of all nationalities. For Middle Eastern men looking for that cultural compatibility with a woman, this app is the best to find one. The app is full of well-educated expats looking for fellow travelers or people settled outside of their country. With thousands of success stories, international singles don’t have to worry much about the dating scene. With an easy-to-use interface and an account set-up in just three easy steps, get your account up and going.

InternationalCupid Membership Fees

The membership fee for this site is $12.50 a month, which is reasonably lower compared to other similar sites.

International Cupid Pros & Cons

The pros of this app include it being specific to international singles and sorts out the rest, giving you easy access to what you are looking for. A con that is common in most apps is the limited access without an upgrade in your subscription.



Free Plan to $39.99/month

ArabLounge is explicitly designed for people of Arab descent, and most Arabs using dating apps reside in the United States. With over a million users, ArabLounge is the perfect website for you if you already have something specific in mind or have an ideal nationality in mind. The site makes it easy for Arab singles worldwide to link up with ease as they all share the same values and are brought up in a similar culture. With the average age of users between 25-44, singles on the app are ready to settle down and begin something serious with matches they can vibe with. The amount of information the website uses depends on you and how much you want to share with the public.

ArabLounge Membership Fees

Using the app for free, you can only upload your pictures and match them with other singles. However, only with a monthly subscription of $39.99 a month will you be able to talk to them further.

ArabLounge Pros & Cons

The pros of using ArabLounge include assembling all the eligible singles from Arab countries into one app, making it a lot easier for users looking for significant others of a specific ethnic background. The con of this platform is that the subscription is a little pricier than most dating sites.



Free Plan to 39.99/month

With the majority of Middle Eastern people being Muslim, is the perfect all-in-one package for singles looking for Muslim spouses/partners. Coming from similar cultures, most Middle Eastern people look for the same thing, finding a partner of the same religion and moving forward in life in the name of Islam. has over 7 million users and has helped thousands of members discover their second half. The site revolves around marriage and encourages singles to complete half of their Islamic faith by finding the perfect partner using the dating service offered. The site consists of Muslim women from Arab countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Iran.

Muslima Membership Fees

The website distinguishes accounts according to their package, of which there are three options: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Using the standard account is free, but it doesn’t allow you to message your matches. The Gold subscription is $34.99 for a month, and the Platinum subscription is $39.99 a month. They both offer additional features compared to Standard, such as communicating with matches and message translations for the Premium package.

Muslima Pros & Cons

The pros of this website are that it has everything you would want if you are looking for a Muslim woman and your sole purpose is marriage. The con is that the subscription is pricey, and most features aren’t available on the Standard package.

Free Plan to $23.99/month is a well-renowned website in the online dating community, and it is currently an app on the App Store and Play Store. It is one of the first and most extensive dating services available, and it comprises one of the largest databases, with 21,575,000 members spreading across 24 countries. It is the perfect middle ground for users who like to go with the flow with each match wanting something different out of the app. For a culture as rich as the Middle Eastern, individuals usually end up looking for something serious and specific, and is the perfect site to look for that. The signing-up process is simple, with you posting your photos and answering several personality-based questions, e.g., your age, what you are looking for, whether you want kids, or if you smoke or drink. Membership Fees

This site is designed in a way where you will have to pay a subscription fee sooner rather than later. If you have a free subscription, you will be able to browse through the many singles in your area. However, to message them and see who has viewed your profile, you need to pay a membership fee, which amounts to $23.99 for 12 months. Pros & Cons

The most significant upside to is the surplus of singles waiting to talk to you, while the downside is that you don’t know who has paid for the app and who hasn’t. Therefore, you could message someone who has not paid, and they would have no way of replying until they pay the subscription.


What Is The Catch?

From a typical Middle Eastern perspective, meeting someone from the opposite gender can be a pretty anxious task. But for Middle Eastern singles living abroad or in the United States, who have already adapted to the Western culture, it is pretty standard. But the pre-date jitters still happen even to the best, so don’t let that get you down. Before meeting someone in real life, make sure you have already covered a few topics of conversation beforehand on the site, so there are no awkward silences during your date. It is always safe to prepare a couple of topics of discussion before the actual meeting. If all else fails, there is always the golden topic of how things are back home and how it’s so different abroad. Dates with people from similar cultural backgrounds always seem to end well, as people who live abroad tend to always search for people they can relate with. The feeling of homesickness is always there, which factors into the success.

Once you agree to meet someone, make sure you both are on the same page, so you don’t end up expecting different things from the date. Get to know your match and cover as many topics as possible beforehand. Another thing to keep in mind before meeting up with your date is to pick a great location because that plays a crucial role in how your date could perceive you. As a Middle Eastern individual, try booking a place that is as authentic as it gets and one you frequent a lot. Keep in mind that not everyone you date will be 100% compatible with you but leave room to compromise and understand. Remember, even though you are both Middle Eastern, some views may still not be shared. A culture as rich and colorful as the Middle East is bound to bring up some great moments.


What Are Some Middle Eastern Dating (Courtship) Traditions?

People from the Middle East tend to “court” people rather than go on casual dates, in line with the religious practices. In the culture wherein seeing someone from the opposite gender with no intention of marriage may be considered sinful, courtship is an excellent way of actually finding out if an attraction could end up in marriage or not. Courtship is done with the parents’ blessings from both sides, and it is agreed that it is only to make sure that the relationship is going on the right track. In most Middle Eastern households, parents may not have an ultimate say, but they do have a heavy influence on where their children end up getting married and who they see throughout their late teen to early adulthood years. As for Middle Eastern individuals who have migrated to European countries or the United States and have adapted to Western Culture, things are different. Some may still stick to their cultural roots, while some conform entirely to the Western way of dating. So it is important to find your date’s perspective on dating before actually going on a date and what he/she expects out of it.

At the end of the day, individuals need to remember their roots even if they move to a different country. It is important to adapt to a lifestyle, but it is also vital for you to retain your identity. There are many Arabs out there looking for the same thing as you, and panicking over not finding someone is pointless, as something like that usually happens naturally. With so many dating sites available, it is entirely possible for you to find someone, especially with and its 6-month “Find Love” guarantee. If you don’t find someone in six months of continuously using the app, they will return the money you have spent on the app. It shows how it is next to impossible you don’t find somebody. Keep the Middle Eastern inside you alive, as there are other people in your area looking for the exact things you are seeking. You just have to match with them.


Our Final Thoughts

With the current situation, make sure you date responsibly and follow social-distancing protocols. Although the Arab culture requires you to social distance before marriage, COVID-19 simply ended up making sure of it.

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